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How to be a successful DJ | Info and Tips

How to be a successful DJ | Info and Tips
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How to be a successful DJ?

Firstly, it has always been known that major DJs and singers don’t have time or even the ability to sit in a music studio and produce their own music. Not only would it not be feasible, but it wouldn’t make business sense either. With such a large fan base, they have to remain on top of providing the fans with new material including remix songs, social media entertainment and live performances. Why? Well this is how the Act and Record Label make money and get their income to balance the books.

Many tricks are used to achieve the best results, including purchasing professionally produced remix mp3 songs for distribution. A vital factor to ensuring the highest profits are generated, are by providing the consumer with the best music productions possible. Allowing then a Ghost Producer who certainly has more experience and skills rather than an entertainer to create the ghost productions we all love and that top the charts makes much more sense.

This would be the first step towards becoming a DJ or artist. The next step will be to get the music ghost productions under your name to the top of the listeners choice and charts.

Music Labels buy up their own releases to manipulate the charts

Good Music Labels have their own methods of getting their releases sold. A few years ago, we ourselves tried out this method and were more than surprised at the results. It was half suspect this to work, but overall thought it would take much more than we invested. With around 50-100 separate accounts using different IP addresses, we setup a number of payment methods and with a small amount in each. Using these accounts, our new EP release was purchased multiple times in a short time period.

Within 48 hours our music track was in the charts of a major distribution platform and this automatically resulted in the highest number of sales we have ever achieved with a track. Not only did we make back our money spent, but we got the attention desired for multiple DJ jobs in clubs and at events. This was step showed how to be a successful DJ.

It then became clear how easy it is to manipulate the charts and be a successful DJ in 2015. When researching this process, it was evident that this was one of many tools that is used today to get brand recognition.

Larger Record Labels with larger budgets purchase thousands, if not tens of thousands of CDs, Singles, Digital MP3s of their artist’s new releases in a short time catapulting the track into the major charts and hence the radio as well. This then has a huge knock on effect, as the radio is a large source of many listeners knowledge of the music that exists today. So you think that the magnitude of consumers search for your tracks? No. They listen to the radio and what they like, they buy for their CD player, iPod or any other device that holds MP3 music tracks. Of course the music productions also must be worth listening to, or else this investment will be lost and no profit gained.

This is where Producer Factory comes in. Our Ghost Producers can get you those tracks and make your profiles look interesting. We can market your tracks and help you create your brand. The rest is up to you or your Label. The next step it to create your brand.

What to consider when creating your brand

When you begin to consider how to create a sellable brand, it’s best you focus on the key points.

1. Every top act has something individual about them. Whether it’s a memorable voice, mixing skills, motion and energy behind the decks, weird hair and clothing that catches the eye or anything else you can think of.

2. Every person can devise the best combination or focus for their brand. On top of that, it’s best to create a colour scheme and hence visual indicator that triggers the consumers mind to remember you. If you think back to the school days, your teachers helped to remind you of various aspects by using visual stimulation. They might not be the masters of this, but even the worst teacher understood the principle of pictures in books. This can be translated into your brand to make it recognisable and then memorable to become highly sellable. Another point to consider when wanting to be a successful DJ.

3. Choose a colour scheme, a logo and where possible, a font. All these indicators are the initial starting points to creating and developing a successful and signature brand. It’s best to employ a professional designer to achieve this. So mixing your professional sounds and brand will be a good foundation to becoming a successful DJ or artist. Now it’s time to promote your brand as effectively as possible.

Have a website made to present your music productions and brand

We at Producer Factory have excellent connections to affordable, yet proven to be professional partners in web design. It is very important to get your music and brand out into the open and easily available to your fans. Why not set up a website with newsletter systems to keep your fans up to date? Maybe ben offer your biggest fans rewards and expand your connections by keeping in touch more personally than over the commonly used social platforms? A website can cover many more desirable aspects than other systems as they can be custom built to your requirement.

So don’t wait any longer with realising your dream. Make it happen today. Our knowledge of the industry and experience is unmatched as an open service provider.

We also offer 360° Packages that guarantee a release on any top label within the listed genres.

Learn to be the best DJ

Now if all points above are are ticked and completed, it all rests on your shoulders to be the best act onstage. Making sure you can create a captivating DJ set and entertain as effectively as possible to provide your fans and first timers with a great experience requires much practice. Convincing the consumers that you are the best act of the night, takes much effort and planning. First you need to get the tracks you wish to include into your set.

Keep a similar range of sounds and continuously increase the power of the tracks to keep the crowd in motion. Always enter the stage with a powerful hit to grab everyones attention and begin to command the dance floor accordingly.

Practicing you mixing skills is an important procedure to achieve perfection. Smooth and skillful transitions between tracks is what keeps the flow going. Breaking that flow at any point can simply kill your live set. Practice makes perfect and this is the least you should focus on.

We wish you all the best of luck and are here if there’s anything we can to to assist to help you be a successful DJ, then please don't hesitate to contact us.

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