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Hardware for music production

Hardware for music production
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To work on music productions, you do need to purchase Hardware for your home studio. This includes a decent computer, synthesiser, audio interface, midi controller and a beat machine to name a few. Of course it all depends on your end goal, but this is a short list for an EDM producer. This costs a lot of research time and financial investment to get setup.

Music production software

The other side of things entail such software elements such as plugins and of course a DAW. But which DAW is best for producing music? It's all really down to personal preference in the end. If you're happy with the range of compatible plugins and how user friendly the interface is, then it's the right choice for you.

Some of our producers like the lesser known DAW called Studio One, the majority go with Ableton live or Logic Pro X. Watch some tutorials here and find familiarise yourself first.

Getting down to producing music

The nitty gritty of music producing is a long winded process of learning and self teaching. To boost your knowledge bank, watch tutorials suited to your genre and see how you can adapt those skills to create your own unique style.

It's important being unique and creating a signature sound for your brand, so don't try to save money and time surpassing this exercise.