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Good music label | How to join one

Good music label | How to join one
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A good music label is hard to get into nowadays. The competition is hefty and numerous. So how do your chances match up to getting onto a top label? Well we can say they're 100% or your money back.

Our guaranteed 360° release package will get you into any good record label within the tech house, techno and house genres.

We have 2 core options available, the solo or co-release option with the producer of the track. Furthermore you have the choice of an A-C list top record label. Prices range from £499-£1299.

Record label artists

Are you thinking of becoming an artist for a decent label? Top record labels are hard to join, but your options aren't limited. There are two ways you can become one of many good artists.

1. Purchase our 360° package and secure a release on our network of major labels. This is the safest bet as its guaranteed by us.

2. Get yourself established as a DJ and cover all points a professional must to get noticed. The best way to get recognised and reviewed by record labels is by having a high release rate of quality tracks. Secondly you need to build up a strong following. The more you have, the more you can offer the best distributers within the industry.

We have a huge number of customers with that single goal of a top quality and high status release. I mean who wouldn't? If you DJ, you love he spotlight and would like to show off your skills in front of an ever growing crowd.

There's no reason limiting your goals and becoming one of the good music label artists of today is all one could hope for.