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Ghost production website | Producer Factory history

Ghost production website | Producer Factory history
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“Being a DJ duo ourselves for over 10 years, we have learnt how hard the music industry can be just to make ends meet. Trying to do everything ourselves quickly conveyed to us how we’re getting swamped by other Acts and never really understanding how they were doing it."

Advantages of ghost music production teamwork

We ourselves had one large tool to our disposal later down the line and that was teamwork. Whilst one worked on music productions, the other focused on marketing and getting bookings. This works OK and since using this we have done quite well for some extra cash, but to turn this hobby into full-time work was not looking likely. We knew something was still missing.

I easily could tell something was odd about all large acts. Producing a track takes time and effort, let alone skill and investment in equipment and learning tools. I couldn’t believe for a second that big names sat down in the studio making tracks when they could be out making the Record Label and themselves money.

I then started to crawl the internet years ago for info about this and found my assumptions were verified. There were and so many stories about ghost producing and marketing tools that were made to sound so shifty and wrong. I thought to myself, why is a big act employing ghost producers so wrong? We’re working as a team and this is putting us ahead the lower levels successfully and it’s obviously working for the big names and us. It made little sense to me.

The music producer of us two then decided to advertise our service of hiring ghost producers and quickly snatched up a customer. Soon we found this method a great way for us to make extra money for new studio devices. Our customer kept coming back for more, happy that his fan-base and DJ bookings were growing at a faster rate. Not only did he now have higher quality sounds to release, but he had time as a lone DJ to practice his skills and look for bookings actively. So this was clearly a win win situation.

Why we decided to go ahead with a Ghost Production Service.

During my crawling of the internet, I also found so many stories about how people have been ripped off by so called ghost producers and this got me thinking. Why not create a place where only the best producers for any style are found and customers can feel safe with a third party overseeing all proceedings? No one can get cheated and no producer is too rubbish to finish the task.

I saw that a few online merchants already covered it a bit, though not worried it made me rethink a bit. I thought it best we sell pre-made tracks called ghost productions online for anyone to buy off the shelf eliminating all concerns to do with custom ghost productions. This would allow us to get to know the producers, how they work, their skill level and much more before even considering custom music tracks.

This idea was taken to the board of our company and quickly the third member called out, "We should make an effective One-Stop site for all DJs. We should allow them the chance to get the best productions off the shelf, custom productions to fit their style and assistance with marketing and boosting." This idea obviously struck a chord and we proceeded to create Producer Factory.

The sole aim is and always will be to provide all DJs the options and tools that the big names use, but affordably and for all. It’s time to scrap exclusivity and open the curtains for everyone!

Welcome to Producerfactory.com | Home of your production needs

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