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Ghost producing site Producer Factory | Why are we here?

Ghost producing site Producer Factory | Why are we here?
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Producer Factory is a very serious music production website, who’s sole purpose is to give everyone the same chance within the music industry. As we all know the largest artists within the industry use ghost productions under their name to keep a steady release-rate and be as efficient towards making the most money for the Record Label as possible.

Ghost producing was quite an exclusive procedure before we came online and not including the massive number of pirate sites who were just taking peoples money for nothing. This is something we’ve heard readily from our customers.

Ghost production is no new practice

In itself ghost production is no new practice and the discussion point whether it is right or wrong is debatable. The fact is, it’s normal and standard practice within the higher tier and it’s our wish to give all the same chance within the whole industry.

We have multiple high class acts and mid range acts who are trying so enthusiastically to become their best. When travelling and marketing and and and… it’s so tough to keep up their music producing as well as selling their brand. This is where we come in, as a place to assist with additional tracks to keep the release-rate high and exciting.

The impressive dedication and input our customers have towards the productions is admirable, as most our income comes from custom music tracks. Only a handful buy out of the shop directly without having any edits or additions to the tracks.

Interesting and enthusiastic DJ customers

We have one very interesting DJ as a customer, who is the most passionate musical talent I have met so far. He can produce well, but just not as great as some of our music producers. The tracks they both as a team work hard to create are just incredible hits that after his many struggles, managed to get the DJ signed to a top Record Label like Spinnin'. We’re not getting lazy and pathetic DJs to the top, as they would never last or have a chance.

Music producer with a future

On the producer die of things, we have a 14 year old virtuoso within the music production business who has already worked with the biggest of names. Assisting this artist's income for jobs well-done is a very good deed and or customers are benefitting hugely from all our services. One man/woman can’t do all. All professionals have a team behind them. We’re acting as that team.

Ghost producing and writing is well established

Ghost producing and writing sites established in a wide-spread number of industries. We are displaying this to inform all of it’s use openly and narrow the gap between monopolistic industry giants and the ambitious and skilled artists. Though we’re a drop of water in an ocean, our site has received much interest and criticism and understandably so. We felt the curtains must be raised and this industry method receive more exposure.

Though disputed, our platform provides a safe place for skilled music producers and enthusiastic DJs to work together. Many ghost producers have their own career, but desire not to become a big name. On the other hand many DJs have the production skills, but not the time.

Our Producer Factory allows top quality music and ideas to be translated for the consumers. They in end effect are the ones who enjoy music and deserve diversity and skilful entertainment. We like to think of our site adding to the diversity within the music industry and adding value rather than removing it with our ghost producing and writing.