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Ghost producers | What we think about such services in the industry

Ghost producers | What we think about such services in the industry
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Our opinion of ghost producers and what we think. A DJ is like every frontman there is in any industry. Front men are the entertainers and the brands of the enterprises. Front men such as DJs should focus on entertaining the fans, being in he right places and making money effectively and efficiently. Every industry is business and why should a business be run on a lower level of potential success? When being a DJ you must focus on multiple factors.

1. Get bookings and performances.

2. Create marketing campaigns.

3. Distribute the music whether it be ghost produced or not under your DJ name.

4. Look after your social presence

5. Bring out music or ghost productions to uphold relevance

6. Build infrastructure such as studios, partners and find employers or distributors.

Some standard questions about Ghost Producers and DJs

How is it possible for one person to achieve all this, let alone invest time and money into all factors by oneself?

I don’t think it’s feasible and simply by looking at large and successful acts, it becomes clear that every front man and in this case DJ, has a team behind them including ghost producers. This is the only option that makes a venture and career feasible. Whilst you allow our professional ghost producers to provide you with top quality music tracks, you can focus on your fans and improving your brand and recognisability.

This is important for you to do and who can say how you should run your business?

The main thing for me as a consumer is, when I go out clubbing or buy music for my mp3 device, I want to enjoy it. In a club I want great sets, talented mixing and motion in the form of excellent music. I don’t care where it came from, I don’t care if a ghost producer made the tracks.

All I will remember is DJ XYZ really rocked and I will want to experience that skill and enjoyment again. Is that not what matters?

Everyone can get up on their high horse and be jealous of a more effective and efficient DJ name, but the fact is that DJ has the ability and energy to put on a great show. So to answer this question honestly, no, I don’t frown on efficiency I personally benefit from. Producer Factory the ghost production website was created for two reasons.

1. Help music producers turned ghost producers earn some extra cash for their hard work. Not all music producers can have tracks in all music directions under their only DJ alias, so Producer Factory allows them to sell these incompatible to their alias, high quality music tracks. Producers and musicians have it hard enough as it is trying to make ends meet. Studios are not cheap to build or rent. Ghost producing is a huge benefit for the music producers own DJ career as well.

2. Relieve the strain on DJs and allow them to really get a strong foothold and increased recognition. Some just need that extra push to be signed to good music labels, or increase their release-rate of music tracks to entertain their fans. We’ve seen our ghost producers help many DJs over their hurdles and the number of returning customers means we’re doing something right and that our concept of ghost production is feasible for our customers to use.

Ghost producers are common in the music industry

Ghost producers have been around for ever in the electronic music industry. It's not such that Producer Factory suddenly had a good idea and began the ghost production craze. We just saw how ghost producing was only kept and used exclusively by the top level of artists. The lower levels on the other hand had glimpses of ghost producing and the ability to connect with ghost producers, but many are unreliable and simply a rip off. The amount of customers who find Producer Factory and contact us about their bad experiences with ghost producers and how we can help.

The exclusivity was a main factor of this ghost producing website to be developed. Whether ghost producers are good or bad, it's vital that every DJ has the same ability and tools to make their career a success. Simply allowing already privileged artists signed to large Record Labels to have these methods is simply not fair.

Ghost producers should be available for all in the industry and within a safe and anonymous environment. So, we created Producer Factory to provide this tool and method of ghost producing open and to all within the industry. We are aware that ghost producers are frowned on and we are aware that there are moral dilemmas attached, but keeping it behind curtains and having people loosing out to pirate ghost producers is not the correct way. Until we find a solution that all are happy with, it's vital that all have the same opportunities and limitations, or lack of them. Everyone should be able to pursue any existing method safely and this is what Producer Factory is about.