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Ghost producer benefits with Producer Factory by Beachslap

Ghost producer benefits with Producer Factory by Beachslap
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"When I first met Producer Factory, I wasn't really sure of what I would find, and honestly I wouldn't imagine myself ghost producing. My first move was sending Producer Factory four, maybe five tracks that I didn't release. When these tracks were uploaded to the website I didn't put high hopes about the hypothesis of them being sold right away, but what amazingly happened was that three of them were sold in the first hours. I wasn't expecting this at all, and it felt great! So, payday came, and Producer Factory was totally honest with me. This kind of warm behaviour became usual from Producer Factory, connecting sympathetically with myself and costumers, feeling that this is not a big shot corporation that just provides a service, but people like you and me that are trying to making a living, and who are struggling to make everybody happy in the process.

So, as I was saying, payday has come and with this I could make some major improvements in my studio and make my students life a little bit more comfortable for a while. These studio improvements, in the present are helping to work faster and even better, I must admit, which is a great thing, because, now, it makes it more achievable the chance to work with Producer Factory and on my original EDM project.

Summarising, I can say that Producer Factory had an important role in my life, making it more comfortable, and for keeping me musically alive and in shape.

By BeachSlap

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