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Ghost music productions | Why DJs and Producers team up

Ghost music productions | Why DJs and Producers team up
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Ghost music productions are nothing new. Music producers have been selling their services for decades, and even before that the greatest composers used ghostwriters to create their newest compositions.

Ghost music productions are in the big schemes of things new, but having other names on the work rather than the actual creator even stretches into historical paintings. Well-known artists had schools and workshops where all the pictures and paintings coming out of the collaborations, were name by the owner and main artist figurehead. So ghost music productions may come across as a new and frightening thing to the EDM industry, but factually this methodology is old school and has been around for centuries.

Ghost music productions are plain cheating?

Using ghost music productions are not cheating, but utilising a strong collaboration where the Ghost Producer can earn money by doing what he or she can do best.

Working on jobs with a passion is no crime, especially when the music producer prefers working in the studio creating the music with guidance from the client instead of travelling tiresomely and having perform on stage.

Why shouldn’t a talented individual be able to do what they want with their ghost music productions?

On the other hand, you have the DJ. He or she benefits from this collaboration by also being able to focus on the important parts of their workload.

DJs have to remain consistent with their style and travel to satisfy bookings earning their keep, whilst being expected to constantly increase their release rate. Taking care of the fans and pocket is more important to keeping a talented DJ alive and well. Then having to sit in a studio for days is simply not feasible, especially when music managers, DJ agencies and Record Labels are ripping them off around every corner.

So, teamwork is the way forward to achieving the results necessary to stay on radar within the DJ community. Simply put, ghost music productions are necessary in keeping their release rate high and the fans satisfied, whilst allowing the DJ to accept as many bookings as possible to keep the cashflow high.

Music producers and DJs both benefit from a ghost music production collaboration

For both the music producer and the DJ, ghost productions offer the collaboration as strong hand in turing a dream job into a profession. Whoever is willing to be the frontman and whoever prefers to remain in their studio is up to them. It's time to see this process as positive rather than negative. To diversify and supply the EDM industry with top quality music tracks, is more important than you can ever imagine. Nearly all the big names you know use them, does it damage your enjoyment of the musical creations? I don’t think it does. Does it offer your favourite artists the chance to be where needed to provide their fans with the attention and music they deserve? Yes it certainly does.

So instead of all this hotheadedness we’ve experienced from pure ignorance, why not simply enjoy the full picture knowing that creative people and the entertainers associated with them are making money, having a profession and are keeping up the ability to become the best as one entity. The DJ name is simply a brand. You don’t have the names of all the people working for Apple listed on your iPhone or those from Heinz on your Ketchup bottle, so why should that be the same here?

Ghost music productions are vital and our clients are not lazy, or careless, or rich, but just trying to make the most of the opportunity they have.

All our clients offer huge input into their ghost productions and those who buy from the shop only use them to boost the release rate, whilst their commonly used Ghost Producer is creating the custom ghost music productions for them.

These processes take time and care. With our passion at Producer Factory to ensure only the highest quality ghost music productions are released from our workflow, all we are doing is enriching peoples lives and offering the EDM industry more adored music tracks.

Please feel free to contact us and let us discuss your options. We’d be interested to hear what you have to say, so join in and we’ll be here to chat. Thank you for reading about ghost music productions.