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Get your own DJ song now | 3 easy options

Get your own DJ song now | 3 easy options
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Get your own DJ song now | 3 easy options

When customers come to our store looking to get a DJ song now, we provide them with a solution. In this post, we'll take a look at how you can get a song for your DJ name right away, or one made to your liking. Our DJ store offers 3 easy ways to achieve this.

Option 1: use our in-store ghost productions to get your DJ song immediately. Simply browse the categories and music genres to find the right EDM track for you. It couldn't be easier than this. During your purchase to get a new DJ track, you'll have the opportunity to select which extra files you want with it.

Choosing an EDM DJ song may depend on the files available. In the future you may want to start a remix comp or use your new ghost production to collaborate with another artist. For that reason, getting your DJ song now with the DAW file may be smart. If it's not available for your favourite music track, then simply contact us and we'll sort it out for you. Our DJ store is very flexible and you can benefit from this by custom building your packages.

We aim to please and know that every DJ getting their new song nowadays has different expectations. Instead of confining you and leaving no space for individuality, our DJ store tries to give you the freedom you need to stay unique. Buying ghost productions, or even having it edited by the Ghost Producer is offering you the chance to release your new DJ track right away. As everyone knows. The more tracks you release, the more attention your EDM DJ name gets.

Have a DJ song made now to your EDM style

In this section we'll take a look at how you can now have a ghost production made to suit you. Every DJ has their own style of performance, mixing and music. Of course you do as well. What we like to do is place a lot of music production effort in to ensure we meet your expectations and standards.

Option 2: custom ghost productions are a hit here at Producer Factory. Most of our clients seek to now get their DJ track made to an exact target. We have a wide range of Ghost Producers and a few will fit your request. To find the best Ghost Producer fitting your EDM style, now go the the profiles and listen to the DJ samples on show. Also include the ghost productions they have in-store for review, as you may find an existing music track that suits your EDM genre and style.

Once you're happy you have found the best Ghost Producer suited to your budget, then fill out this form and we can begin the process right away. We have very cheap ghost producers, but also very expensive and top music producers in our team. Using the various filtering options, you'll be able to quickly identify the right one to make your next release.

Either using their profile, or selecting them in the custom production form, you can send off a project request immediately. Our customer service will assist you well during production.

- Once a quote is given for your project and payment collected, the process will begin now.
- Receive demos of the ghost production for review and commenting.
- Lastly, mixing and mastering will be done to complete your EDM music track.
- Once you're happy, we'll finish your ghost production and send you the files.

That's it, quite simple and straight forward. This was number 2 of 3 easy options to get your DJ song now.

Get yourself a DJ song remix now

Out of the 3, perhaps you're now most interested in a track remix? Very similar to option 2, the process is custom built to your style and needs. To get a remix project started using our service, we kindly ask for details about the remix and a link to the remix stems. We’ll then evaluate the workload and provide a quote for the remix service.

Option 3: Remix projects are commonly asked for by DJs trying to get their name associated with an existing high profile track, or to win a remix competition. Getting your music remix has never been easier. In a few steps, you’ll have your new remix DJ song now ready for use.

During the project, you’ll get demos similar to a custom ghost production. On these you can comment and guess the Ghost Producer in the direction you want to get your DJ song remix made now.

Upon completion, you’ll receive the Master WAV and remix stems of your new DJ song.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us, or discuss in our Forum Forum to find out more.