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Get your online DJ career started today

Get your online DJ career started today
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DJ online and join in contests to show you're the best | Get your online DJ career started today!

DJs have a tough time standing out. Well so you'd think. There are so many ways to get you DJ name generating interest, it's a shame if you miss out on even one of the points I'll list.

Let's take a look at how online DJs go about getting fans and followers. Remember, fans and followers equals power in the music industry and that can help get you a guaranteed record label deal. Join remix comps and DJ online with streaming options to make the most of the Internet infrastructure as a DJ.

Remix contests and mixing competitions

These two come hand in hand. Why? Well, coming high up in the table or even winning a remix contest will provide you with a lot of attention towards that remixed track. Now imagine you then add this floor pumping tune into your mix. You'll have a unique track that will be remembered by the voters. Winning or not is less relevant, but certainly a must attempt to achieve that golden win. It'll give you something to rave about on your DJ website.

Taking part in remix contests help the DJ online to network and connect with others. This includes music producers and other DJs as well as avid fans and reviewers, or record label scouts. Don't underestimate the value of exposure online.

How best to get known as an online DJ

Now we've covered the remix contest and mixing competition section, the more mundane tasks are left for review.

1. Create as many DJ profiles as possible on the big pages.

2. Release tracks. If you don't produce, then hire a ghost producer to make a unique production for you.

3. Develop a brand and signature sound. Only choose the best team to help and don't accept less than the best. It's your DJ career on the line.

4. Take care of your fans. Even if you have plenty, don't let anyone feel left out and engage with them. They are your customers and customer care is important as a DJ online today.

5. Keep powering your online DJ social media profiles with new funny and informative clips. Be an entertainer, that's your job title. Let others do the rest.

If you're looking at how to start a DJ career, then read the linked post. Good luck with your online DJ career and please share this post to help others see the greater picture. Comments are welcome.