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Free music online offered by DJs | A smart move

Free music online offered by DJs | A smart move
By 27 June 2015 494 Views No comments

Free music online offered by DJs is good marketing. It is something that many fans seek. When we researched this key phrase, we found that an very large amount of people look to download free music every month. So how can you benefit from this as a DJ?

1. Well considering that there is much interest in gaining free music online, then you can perhaps consider grasping some of this traffic onto your platforms.

2. If you have a DJ website or profile online, perhaps advertising this feature is not a bad thing to do. If you don’t then hang in there and we will make this available for you.

3. Don’t risk loosing out on potential fans by stocking up on sellable DJ assets and give some of your music away for free.

Where can I give free music away online?

Well Soundcloud a good place first of all. Many DJ profiles give the option to buy their music, or they simply give away their music tracks for free.

As a DJ it’s vital to promote your brand and image, so your consumers can benefit from this as well. Simply giving away a like or a follow to get a free music track is not really much effort, but it's important for the DJs. If you can, then setup such action required download options on Facebook or otherwise. This will help you grow your exposure by investing in the offer of free music.

So from the perspective of a DJ, offering a freebie in the form of downloadable music content is simply excellent marketing. We recommend you thoroughly consider this.

Free music online should be a standard for all DJs

Offering free tracks online should be standard practice for all DJs. Tempting in fans with these kind of offers is a hugely respected and successful method of increasing your fanbase. We also use the same methods here at Producer Factory to get users to sign up to our newsletter. This way we can provide tips and tricks about our high quality service.

Along with this, we can keep our customers happy with offers that’ll in the long run save them money whilst boosting their DJ career.

Free music online is attractive and can be used as a tool to get stronger recognition, fans and followers. Don't miss out on this opportunity.