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Find bookings for DJs | How to go international and big

Find bookings for DJs | How to go international and big
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Finding bookings can help you start your DJ career. There are plenty of options around the world to increase your income as an artist and DJ, you just need to be able to find them. Music sales alone simply don't cut it anymore. With streaming services growing at a rapid rate, there simply is no money left for the music artist to make. This is because all distribution companies and streaming platforms take the majority of profits from each artist.

Then how do these platforms make money you may ask? Well that's simple. If they take the majority percent from each artist and we imagine iTunes, then that sum will be horrifically huge whilst the actual artist gets pennies or cents.

For this reason it makes sense to focus on getting DJ jobs in clubs and bookings for other events.

Finding bookings is becoming more and more important

Finding bookings is becoming more and more important. If being a DJ is to become your profession then your focus must be placed on getting income from your venture. This is normal isn't it?

Homemade musical wonders used to be able to sell their tracks and earn enough to cover costs of investment in equipment such as microphones, mixing tables and the DAW software over time.

Now without being able to earn a steady flow of income through sales and the rise of streaming platforms, these costs cannot be covered. This in turn limits the chances of such musical wonders being able to present their music to the world. Streaming platforms simply increase exclusivity, because without bookings or Record Labels to promote them, they're lost in the world of the masses.

Why does it still happen then? Well music artists that do break through, have skills in communication and being an entertainer. A rare combination these days. The ability to persuade the exclusive groups such as major labels to accept you is a gift. Nearly as rare as musical excellence. Now finding a person who masters both is a treat and therefore will succeed.

Becomming that iconic DJ that gives you the life you're looking for entertaining large crowds, you need top quality Single and EP releases. But if you're not a DJ Producer, then creating such quality tracks can prove very difficult indeed. Where you would need years of practice and experience, our Ghost Producers can help you boost your music portfolio expertly.

During you search for labels and bookings

During you search for labels and bookings, have you never felt this process being hopeless? Ever wondered why you even bother? Well then get together with a team. Don't go about it alone. Excellent entertainers and DJs or even singers aren't music producers and won't ever be able to get their semi-professional music out there. Top music producers prefer to sit in a studio and work on music rather than emails and communication. Graphic designers and webmaster experts have their realm of expertise. So depending where you lie in these fields, group together and work together to find bookings and music labels.

Perhaps you may even want to consider DJ agencies or music managers to help keep your DJ name alive and well.

Teamwork is common in this music industry

Teamwork is common in this music industry. When I say common, I mean only at the highest levels. DJs travelling 300 days a year to perform at bookings don't produce music. They entertain and are observant that the fans get what they want.

The music producer doesn't travel 300 days a year to these bookings. They work on the next music release which is more than important.

Music management company representitives and marketing experts may come with to talk to the employers and take pictures for the next day social media campaign.

The only way to be a successful DJ, is to ensure that your brand is sellable and presentable. For this a team is required. Producer Factory can cover the ghost production side with a combined 250 years of music production experience under our house of tracks.

Having the material available to top the charts is vital. Having the skills onstage to entertain is vital. No longer is actually DJing vital. Programs can do this for you. But getting to this stage is via top quality music production tracks that we can provide with our ghost producing service.

DJs, don't get left behind!

DJs, don't get left behind! Focus on earning back your investment by getting bookings. Your ghost producing team is here to help make sure your next release is the best it can be. We always find the right music producer for your style and work closely to keep your fans happy. With your guidance, your music productions will be played around the world at international bookings soon enough.

One last thing to remember, is that the music industry is a business and you must be sellable to succeed. It's no longer requiring skills like it used to. DJs are expected to be different compared to earlier years. Everyone can create their music playlists online, mix their tracks together as they wish.

A DJ now is purely an entertainer who benefits through DJ jobs and advertising through radio and social media, these bases are covered and you'll be in your way to the top.

Contact us now and let us produce music for you today. This will help you become sellable. We also offer much more so feel free to discuss with our customer service agents. We'll take our time to find the right solution for you.