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Female singers and male vocalIsts | Professional tracks

Female singers and male vocalIsts | Professional tracks
By Producerfactory 16 August 2015 513 Views No comments

Are you looking to get female session vocalists or male vocals for your music track? Hoping to be individual and stand out from the masses with your next EP release? I guess you don't have access to old hits and the associated royalty rights like the biggest stars. So, what is the next best option?

As all the top DJs are signed to long lived Record Labels, the distribution and cutting up of hit tracks are a daily occurrence. Without concern of rights being breached, music tracks can easily be stripped of male and female vocals to be used in the next production to ensure it'll be a hit. Without these tools, you have to become a creative DJ.

Do you not know where to find male and female vocals or singers? Well don't look any further. You have come to the right place.

Producer Factory offers exclusive male and female vocals for your music track

Fed-up sharing vocals with hundreds of DJs? Don't worry about that anymore. Our Session Musicians are here to help. The will record unique top quality vocals, both female or male.

Do you have the idea and musical concept you wish to share? Most of the time you will have an idea of what type of vocals would sound best. Your track requires something unique, so this is where we come in.

Our studio Session Vocalists will assist in making you the perfect vocal stem and exclusive sample you could hope for.

How do I find a vocalist?

On our site, we have the section named Session Musicians. If you hover over this, a drop down will open displaying the option "Session Musician Profiles". Click on this to enter the overview of all our studio musicians available to you.

Now you can begin to filter out male or female vocalists. Using the demos available, you can quite simply find the vocalist best suited to your track with ease. If you have any other info you need, then the full view of the musician profile will help.

In here you'll also find the option to email or ask a question. Here you can begin to plan the process to your preference. You can of course also click on the hire for custom music stem and send out all details for review.

This allows us the ability to offer you a quote for your vocal recording project. We hope you will find the right Session Musician and if not, let us help and contact the Producer Factory team.

How does the recording vocals project work?

Let's look at the recording vocals project process in easy to follow points:

1. Project info is sent to our Session Vocalist for review. Any questions will be clarified here to avoid vocal recording delays.

2. You'll receive a quote for your project description and files given. If accepted, we'll collect the fee and the vocal project will begin.

3. Demos will be sent for your review and comments. These will be sent to to the male or female vocalist or final edits to be made. If all is ok, then we move on.

4. Final delivery of all files and music stems.

For a vocal project, I recommend including one of our music producers to help implement the vocals into your track correctly and complete mixing and mastering.

Even the best vocal stems need a bit of love and care to get that wow factor.

If you have any questions about our Session Vocalists, then please don't hesitate to ask. We're more than happy to help get your top quality male or female vocal project started. Let's make your music track the best it can be and recognised.