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Exclusive music stems for your production or DJ mixing

Exclusive music stems for your production or DJ mixing
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Exclusive music stems for your production or DJ mixing

In this product category you’ll find exclusive music stems for your music producing needs or DJ mixing. Exclusive stems are a great way to help layer your track with original elements. Audio stems can be very useful when you’re looking to improve your music production with something fresh and exciting. Don’t be left behind with your new tracks and get your exclusive music stems and stem packs by the best here at Producer Factory.

What can I use exclusive stems for as a DJ?

A new style of DJing is growing fast. Don’t get left behind and being learning how to use music stems for your DJ mixing purposes. As new equipment comes into the market and software updates being performed that allow you the option of layering stems of an original track in separate channels. Music is now under your control. Tracks are made up of multiple stems, ranging from vocal stems, instrument stems for the melody, drum stems and bassline audio stems. Now with new methods you can place each in a separate channel and during your DJ mix, you can remove or add elements and stem layers to create something new. Use the benefit of becoming original and exciting by making your own musical DJ experience one to remember. With our exclusive DJ stems and stem packs, you can find a signature sound and melody that only you poses and mix it into the well known tracks of today. This brings DJ mixing to a whole new level and having a bank of your exclusive audio stems is simply something you cannot ignore if you want to be the best.

How can I use exclusive audio stems in my music production?

If you have an idea for a track, or are looking for one, then we highly recommend reviewing our exclusive stem section for inspiration and originality. Very few can handle all elements and layers of a track and bring them to perfection. It’s wise to allow those who are expert in melodies for example to provide you a melodic stem. Perhaps you really want stand out vocals that no one else has? Well then review our vocal stems and see if you can find the right one for you. Production style is very important and music stems can be a huge advantage. Building up a bank of similar style stems by an array of experts could later on be invaluable. Especially as our exclusive stems are a one time purchase and then removed. Unlike with sample packs, you’ll be the only person holding the rights to that audio stem. Here you can obtain strong relationships with Studio Musicians and benefit from teamwork by revolutionising your production process. Bring out more tracks, but don’t lack any quality. Most honestly speaking, it’ll probably be better quality than your previous works. If not then please feel free to produce, record and sell on our site.

What if I can’t find the track stems I’m looking for?

This is of no concern. We have Studio Musicians in all areas who are more than willing to work with you on your custom exclusive track stem. Simply fill out the form and we can work with you to create the individual stem you’re hoping to have. This is the beauty of our service, the freedom is endless and the possibilities infinite. Whatever you desire, we can make it happen. If you’re looking or a synth stem or a live recorded audio stem, we have it all. Contact us now to find out more and how you can benefit from this process.

Going about finding the right stem for your track

Our aim is to always simplify searches and enable you to find the right stem you want quickly. Why waste time finding the component of your track or DJ mixing stems process when you could be producing or practicing instead. This is why so many producers are not the biggest fans of looking for samples. Finally finding one and realising that it’s spread like wildfire throughout the music industry is simply depressing. With an exclusive audio stem you know that this will never be an issue and creating a brand for your music or DJ mixing with stems will be easy. Why waste time when time is money. Be unique and develop your style. In our exclusive music stem section, there is a filter you can use. It is a combination filter that helps finding stems with ease. The numbers next to the filter options show how many are in category or attribute. These will change the further you filter. If you wish to restart your search, simply click “Reset” and you’ll be back to square one. Enjoy browsing through our exclusive stem library and we hope you find what you want.

Exclusive music stem FAQ

Q: Once I purchase an exclusive music stem, what happens?

A: The audio stem is removed from the shop and you have the full rights to that track layer. It’s yours to use as you wish, for example in your DJ mixing or music productions. Perhaps even for your video advert.

Q: Why are exclusive music stems more expensive than non-exclusive track stems?

A: As they can only be purchased once by a single person, the price difference is much bigger. To make the efforts of the musician or producer worth while, it must be sold for a larger lump sum. This is of course also due to the rights being purchased along with it, securing you as the new distribution owner and offering exclusivity as well and individuality.

Q: Mixing stems I buy from Producer Factory, are they top quality?

A: Yes, we guarantee all mixing stems from Producer Factory are top quality or your money back. I there’s anything amiss, we will either fix the track stem or give you your money back, or replace it. It’s up to you.

Q: Once I buy an exclusive mixing stem, where can I download it?

A: Mixing stems are provided via a download link in an automated email. If by any chance you haven’t received it, please check your spam folder and feel free to contact us. We’ll act speedily to ensure your mixing stem purchase is received.

Q: I’m confused about the difference between mixing stems, audio stems, DJ stems and music stems.

A: There is none. They are all the same. Different market uses have claimed different names for a layer of a track. Mixing stems generally is meant as the term for DJs using them in their mixes. The same goes for DJ stems. Audio and music stems are named so for use in music productions. Overall, they’re simply called stems.