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Exclusive music for DJs | Buy ghost productions

Exclusive music for DJs | Buy ghost productions
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Exclusive music for DJs | Buy ghost productions

If you’re looking to get your next track out quick and need a ghost music production to boost your release rate, then don’t look any further. We are updating our library regularly and have excellent exclusive music for DJs in our store. Here at Producer Factory, you can buy any ghost production we have exclusively. This means that one it’s purchased, it’s removed from our DJ store. The process is completely anonymous and once payment is completed, you’ll receive the links to the purchased files.

For some of the ghost productions available for you to buy, there’s the option to add extra files to your order. Some Ghost Producers offer these extra files for free, others may request an extra fee to be added to your total cart order. You’ll clearly see the cost, if any, for extra files in the product full view. The ghost productions you can buy have the options in the product full view, to select which files you want added to your purchase. It’s so easy and risk free.

What extra files can I add to a ghost production from your DJ store?

There are many of extra files you can add when buying a ghost production from our DJ store. I’ll list a few examples below for you to think about.

  • Master WAV file is always included in every purchase. That’s pretty much what you’re paying for along with the rights for the track
  • DAW project file. Our Ghost Producers use Ableton Live, Logic, Sonar, FL Studio, Studio One mainly.
  • Remix Stems. Maybe in the future, you’d like others to remix your DJ song, well don’t miss out having the Remix Stems as well.
  • MIDI files.
  • Extended version
  • Radio Edit
  • Unmastered version of the original ghost production. Perhaps you have your own style of mixing and mastering, well then add this to your purchase and you’ll be able to mix and master it as you wish. Perhaps you want it done my one of our Mastering Engineers?

If you’re looking to buy a ghost production in our DJ store that doesn’t display the option you want, simply contact us and we can arrange it for you. A PayPal invoice will be created to be paid for the release of the files. It’s dead simple and our customer service is here to assist with any request.

Do you have any further issues you’d like to discuss with our community? Perhaps you’re looking to learn DJing techniques or music production tips from the best? Then join our new Forum. We’re very welcoming and hope to help you soon.