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Electronic Dance Music | Ghost Producer RandomStar

Electronic Dance Music | Ghost Producer RandomStar
By ProducerFactory 3 October 2014 438 Views No comments

RandomStar and why he started ghost producing at Producer Factory

Well, I am Randomstar. I live in Finland and I'm 23 years old. I've been producing electronic dance music for a few years now. Haven't really kept count, but close to 5 now I think. Before that I was into thrash metal and played guitar for 10+ years, so I've had my time with music I guess.

I spent a couple of years just messing around in the music business and releasing tracks through distribution services on my own and just tried to find my own thing in the whole mess. Then indie labels started to notice me and I got some ''real'' releases under my belt. Then I met and befriended ''Haltya'' a Finnish electro producer who's been producing since the 90's. I tried to help him run his own little indie label and he helped me a lot with my own music productions and he's a big reason why I'm writing this.

I received attention from major labels

After a couple more EP releases came radio plays and all that, even got the attention of good music labels, which was completely unbelievable. But something just felt empty and wrong, even though those were the high points of my musical DJ career. I just weren't interested or more likely I was afraid to sign with a record label.

Not that it isn't every music producer's dream to get an email from a major label, but I just knew it wasn't for me. The more I thought about it the more and more I got afraid. I've never been a person who likes to stand in front of a crowd, I don't even know how to be a DJ. I like sitting in front of my computer, spending time with friends and my girlfriend and making my own music. And so nothing ever came out of the dreams of becoming the next superstar DJ who drives brand new Lamborghini's and gets to play in the biggest parties.

Some time went by and I made less and less of music, kinda just lost interest because I was unable to take the next step. I was starting to look more into the recording studio careers, because I still I wanted to work with music even though I had lost the motivation to do it myself. So I worked in a tiny studio for a while, just recording stuff and all that and I really liked it. That's when I got some of the motivation back.

At that time I started hearing about ''ghost producing'' and how big name artists/DJs use them and started to look more into it and reading articles etc. I thought '' Holy sh*t, this is perfect for me!'' That's when I found Producer Factory. Sure i read all the bad things people wrote about Producer Factory and ghost production in general, but come on. I can't see the difference between some big name DJ playing a track in a club that he probably didn't make and Justin Bieber performing a song that he definitely didn't make.

There might be tons of reasons why people buy ghost productions, they might lack the know-how, they might lack the time, who are we to judge them. It's music, if it makes you feel good, then does it really matter who made it?

I then read more about ghost productions

I also read that ghost productions sound mass produced and impersonal. I can't say for other music producers, but I can say that I really do take my time with every music track I make and I really do pour my heart and soul into them and I really do hope that one of my productions makes some unknown or known DJ famous someday!

That's also why I don't ask much for my tracks. I do this for my love of making music. If it makes someone rich and famous then good for them! That's why I chose to be a part of Producer Factory and if I'm lucky someday, I'll hear one of my productions played on the radio or in a club and I can just think to myself ''F**k yeah, I made that''. Not giving two sh*ts about hearing who's name is in front of it. You literally can't expect famous DJs to tour around the world and make hit songs at the same time. Music industry just has to accept the fact that there's 2 types of people. The ones who perform it and the ones who make it and maybe the ones who can do both.