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​EDM ghost production and DJ samples from our house of tracks

​EDM ghost production and DJ samples from our house of tracks
By Producerfactory 12 September 2015 1261 Views No comments

EDM ghost production from our house of tracks service

We have so many EDM music tracks and DJ songs in our house of tracks it’s great to see. We’re expanding and getting more professional ghost producers who really have some brilliant music to sell. This blog will be about our EDM ghost production house of tracks and will also include how you can save money. In our site, we really cherish your time and want to help you with your DJing career. What Producer Factory want’s to offer you is a bunch of ways you can earn discounts and make your experience at our house of tracks not only better, but cheaper. When I say cheap, I don’t mean we’ll cut quality from our EDM ghost production range, but simply reduce our earnings at our cost alone. The ghost producer will still have the money they deserve for their input and efforts, so no quality is lost. This also goes for our top quality customer service. So let’s take a look at how you can save money at Producer Factory.

Ratings will give you a 5% discount on your next EDM ghost production purchase

If you want to save money on your next purchase at Producer Factory, then simply after your have bought one, give the ghost producer a rating and get a discount code for your next purchase. This discount code will be valid for your entire cart. So now not only can you get ghost productions from the best ghost producing website, but you can get them cheaper. The code will include any extra files you buy and also extend over to our custom services that encompass our remix service. Let’s also not forget the same can be done for our online mixing and mastering section and also our Session Musician area. All you need to do is rate the seller and profit. Of course a rating will only be accepted if you have either purchased a ghost production or used them for any of the listed services built around your specifications as a DJ.

How do I rate a ghost production or producer?

Well all you need to do is enter the full page view of any exclusive EDM music track or music producer you like and add a rating there. The link will be under the name of the product and artist. Just above the pink links used for filtering purposes.

Once activated you’ll be directed to a quick and easy form to complete. It’ll show details of each category you can rate and once submitted, the admin will review and validate your rating. If accepted to be valid and genuine, your email is accessible as you have an account, then you’ll be sent a discount code for an extra 5% off any purchase. If you wish to use it for a custom service, then please contact our customer support for it to be made valid there also.

Contact us and earn discounts from our EDM ghost producer and other services

We welcome your requests and inquiries, so we thought we’d also offer anyone who does enquire a 5% discount on anything they wish to buy. Of course these discounts are not stackable to get 10% in total or any more than the 5% each time, but you can use both channels for gaining 5% again and again to keep earning it. Why should it be a one off? All you need to do is post the link to this blog in your request and we’ll deduct 5% off any purchase you’ll be undertaking. We want to support you and show you how wonderful our concept is. Let alone how well it can benefit your DJ name by boosting how many DJ songs you release. Just give us a try and profit today from our EDM ghost production array in the Producer Factory house of tracks. Don’t forget it extends in each section the same. We also will offer this for our new sample pack section that is coming soon. So contact us now.