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EDM ghost producing, is it bad practice?

EDM ghost producing, is it bad practice?
By 22 May 2014 1564 Views 1 comment

EDM ghost producing in the industry is as normal as toast for breakfast. Anyone who thinks EDM ghost producing isn't the norm is walking with their eyes closed. How else do the best acts manage to be on tour and bring out new music, market their alias, organise bookings, manage social media feeds and much more. Record Labels want artists to make money and not sit in a studio when their skills are to entertain. Ignorance is bliss, but the facts are fair.

Teamwork using ghost producing is vital in becoming a top act.

Teamwork using EDM ghost producers is vital in becoming a top act. As one focuses with top skills on ghost producing high quality music, the other can concentrate on getting bookings and being the front man for the fans. Teamwork is vital and always gives the best results. The fans deserve the best and this is all that matters to a DJ alias. If you want to half-arse anything, that's up to you.

EDM ghost production quote from one of our customers who got signed to a major label.

"I want to go into some moral perspectives I have. People are very quick to get on their pedestal and condemn services similar to this. They believe it lacks authenticity. Well to them I wanna raise some points. Do they buy samples? Do they use presets? Midi Files? Synth Patches? Acapellas? Do they sample from other artists? Technically you can question them using VST plugins, Hardware Plugins even using a Sequencer itself, as these are all products of other peoples work that artists abuse on a daily level.

Some people can make up entire tracks with next to no work on their part. It is a very fine line indeed. Most would be surprised with the lack of work some big names invest on tracks, there are too many aspects that can be handed to someone else. Research some big names and you will see that this happens in many industries and is common especially within the pop industry.

I feel not many care about this and they probably shouldn’t, in the end there is a finished product that many will enjoy that stemmed from the artist’s mind."

EDM ghost producing is teamwork

Working as a team with an EDM Ghost Producer gives the artist time to focus on making money, as we all know how tough this is in the industry. Time is money and I seriously doubt that any major world hit making SOLO artists manage to produce all their music. All we want to do is allow the tools of the greats to be available for all. Why must it be exclusive to the greats? This is not only unfair, but monopolising. Music must be free and all free to chose how they proceed with their own DJ career. Anyone who thinks otherwise is probably trying to hide the fact that they use EDM ghost producers themselves. Big deal...

EDM ghost producing is normal practice and Google will spit out many examples. Please feel free to research it yourself, but the bottom point is simple. Most REALLY successful DJs have ghost producers and this is of course obvious. Why you may ask? Well the answer to this is, the DJ needs to travel and perform to and release large volumes of tracks to earn money. One person alone will certainly have trouble completing all tasks. This however doesn’t mean they’re lazy or untalented, it’s just their expertise is being an entertainer and focusing in this is logical.

Exactly for this reason have we constructed Producer Factory. Not all producers are entertainers and not all DJs are excellent producers. Use the tools of the big boys and let us take some of your strain. Use your time to get booked and make money through sales. Marketing needs huge efforts to be noticed and of course we can help with this as well.

My last question in this post is directed to all talented entertainers. Why, if you want to DJ, would you invest thousands of any strong western currency to get a music studio up to standard for top quality productions before even beginning to produce? Especially when you can rent the services of a proven and professional music producer in the safety of our internet platform. We exist to protect you and producers from fraud. We guarantee results and have some success stories to share with you soon.

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