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EDM ghost producer | Why you need the best

EDM ghost producer | Why you need the best
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Ghost producers in EDM are important to help boost your DJ career. Why you may ask? Well having a top quality ghost producer working for you will give you the opportunity to promote your alias to it's fullest. Releases are a very important way to keep your name and DJ alias relevant. Staying strong within the industry is one major factor to holding onto your fans and hence having a potential increase in sales on platforms such as Beatport to achieve your target of reaching the charts.

Our EDM ghost producers are not only handpicked for quality, but also for motivation, flexibility and skill in understanding a customer request. We have had many successful releases with our ghost productions and this has reflected greatly on the return rate of our clients. We're proud to have been able to collect such a wonderful and skilled group of music producers who now work as ghost producers in the electronic music genres. The level of quality that our customers benefit from is unmatched and the detail makes the tracks a hit.

Everyone can layer a few parts together from a kit or loop set, but adding the signature sounds and style of the genre segment is indispensable. When further down the production process, mixing and mastering is a key factor to getting the most out of your new track and therefore impacting on your fans opinion of your Single or EP releases.

EDM ghost productions are sought after

Our time within the industry have shown, that EDM ghost productions are sought after in large quantities. It's been difficult upholding the number of requests by our clients and still holding onto what matters for us. The main factor of our service is 100% satisfaction with our custom ghost productions. We could easily start ghost producing tracks like on a conveyor belt, our name houses that process, but that was meant more ironically than truthfully of how the new process should be.

We have always aimed high and only delivering the best quality ghost productions possible and receiving the gratitude our clients have to our service is worth more than any fee we have ever receive. It shows us that our time has not been wasted and our efforts in finding the right people for the job of being a ghost producer has paid off. Our efforts in creating Producer Factory have led us through a steep learning curve. We knew how the music industry would react to our concept and hence we made it as aggressive and shocking as possible. This helped us climb rankings and gain interest from individuals who know this market and the benefits a concept such as ours provides.

We rode that wave and even before we were officially online, we had requests to hire ghost producers that we didn't even have. I'll never forget the first 72 hours of being online and the flood of emails that followed. I hardly could keep up with sending out emails, so I had to create templates that often when sent didn't cover the information request as it should. Sadly soon after this hype, we got hacked and that dampened the initial interest level of our ghost production platform and we had to begin from scratch to reawaken the spark that had faded.

EDM producers with their own studio turn to ghost producing

Many EDM music producers decide to jump to ghost producing as it gives them a chance for further income. Running a studio and being a studio based producer is not cheap. The investment to build up an infrastructure worthy of top quality ghost productions is not small. Covering these costs is becoming more and more difficult whilst the industry becomes more and more controlled by monopolies. Control is power and the results are a larger capture of the production consumption market providing these monopolies with more profits whilst cutting out the producers who are not in the loop.

Fans of these individual artists then begin to follow other artists who are more relevant at that time. So studio producers of music become interested in increasing their income by assisting other DJ aliases with more tracks for release. Music producers therefore benefit greatly from this teamwork and so do the artists who can provide their fans with top quality music productions.

Music producers in EDM genres are holding on to the market

EDM DJ producers are doing their best to hold onto the market and stay afloat above all the competition. The strength of our ghost producers are that they produce only the best music and hence are highly desired by our customers. It's important that Producer Factory keeps their standards high and provides customers with the quality they now expect. It's tough keeping a grip on the market with our music producers, as we are only a small blip on the radar.

We of course are trying hard to improve our size and weight within the industry to benefit all involved from our ghost producers and music producers to our customers. To provide the tools for the job a cheaply as possible, we're establishing sources of sounds and samples to our music producer community as soon as possible. This allows our prices to remain competitive compared to the quality we provide and of course variety to remain high and inspiration not to be hampered by cost concerns. Music producers in these types of genres are struggling and so are our DJs against the might of the monopolies. Let us fight back and grow towards freeing the industry, allowing for the best results to reach the top and not the labels with the most money and might. Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing your opinion about the EDM industry and our ghost producers.