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EDM DJ producer

EDM DJ producer
By 17 December 2015 617 Views No comments

EDM has been crowded, with the greatest names following their record label requests and teaming up with DJs. Now DJs became the stars of today and at trend is still continuing. So now more than ever, releasing your own music tracks has become a key feature of success.

More and more DJs try to climb to the top, but the consumer industry is really hampering progress. His in turn is allowing more control by major record labels, which is precisely what Producer Factory is fighting to limit.

EDM DJs of today

EDM DJs of today have little help other than "to do" lists miles long and huge scorns when attempting to use the methods of the greats. Try as a new DJ to ask about buying fans and releasing ghost productions. It's hilarious how negative and ignorant the lower tier market seems to be. The DJ of today is supposed to fulfill a workload fit for a five man team at least. So what options have you got?

1. Never get anywhere and do it all yourself. You might be lucky and win the lottery.

2. Use the services available. Buy ghost productions, fans, guaranteed releases, comments, plays and network links.

There's a network of roots that run deep into the industry within Producer Factory and that is something no other service can offer. So simply put, we're for the serious EDM DJ with the will and money to succeed.

Proceed however you wish, but EDM won't wait around. By the time you've gotten one release out, your music for DJing style will be out of date.

What software should you use to produce EDM?

Along with the majority of electronic dance music, the software used to produce EDM is rather around. The difference starts around the more detailed samples and plugins specifically created to make and provide that signature EDM sound.

What DAW is best for EDM?

Any of the top DAWs will do. It depends mainly on your interface preference and budget. You may also want to look into the price for plugins and availability, but the top 10 will more than suffice. Our team personally prefers Ableton Live, but the choice is yours.