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Offer free music to download | Marketing tips for DJs

Offer free music to download | Marketing tips for DJs
By 26 June 2015 441 Views No comments

Offering free music to download is beneficial for DJs. Enjoying free music whether it be through Youtube streaming, through Apple music, iTunes or one of the many downloading or streaming platforms out there, is a favourite thing for your fans to do.

Fans love to download free music, and why shouldn’t they? Fans get to listen to their favourite artists, create epic playlists for any occasion and all for either a fraction of the cost of an album or nothing at all.

The downloading culture that we have today within the music industry has been blamed for many a loss of revenue and could be argued to have made ‘making it’ as an online DJ harder than ever before. However, by fans downloading your music, free or otherwise will create and boost your popularity worldwide promoting your DJ music and gain you status within your genre and the music community.

Free music downloads as a gift to your fans is marketing

Free music downloads as a gift to your fans is marketing. Marketing that could be invaluable in the long run. It is a clear investment to provide music tracks free and offer your fans something to remain interested and up to date with your progression as a DJ. Free music tracks are also a great way to increase your number of followers.

Posting infos about a free EP release is worth a lot within the social media music communities. It automatically captures the interest of music lovers and DJs or anyone else really. It may get the attention of a label or event manager, who might take a moment to review your online DJ profile.

The benefits are endless. True marketing also confirms that offering something for free allows you to ask for something in return. Having a website like we do, we offer exclusive free vocal samples to anyone who signs up to our newsletter. We are basically asking users to provide some info and offer us a moment and in return we can advertise our services and hand them a top quality sample vocal pack for free.

It’s a simple trade off, so use this by asking for comments, feedback, likes or followers. This kind of download music free gesture won’t make you money right away, but will pay off in dividends later.

So offer your fans a free download option and see how it can help you today.