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DJing using stems | How to improve your set

DJing using stems | How to improve your set
By Producerfactory 16 August 2015 624 Views No comments

DJing using stems of tracks is a new way to approach your DJing style and method. Music layers have become more than interesting to DJs, as these are what can truly create new mixes adding individuality to the musical experience.

Track stems now sought after for DJing is becoming a new and growing market. We at Producer Factory will follow this carefully and adapt to the market and your DJing needs. If you are looking for DJ elements that truly can add originality to your DJ set, then don’t look any further. We can help you find the ghost productions right for you, and their layered stems accordingly.

What are remix stems and how can they help me DJ?

Remix stems are simply put, the layers of the track split up into individual WAV files or MP3 files.

If a music track is built up with vocals, melody, drum loops and a strong bassline, then you can buy each component stem individually as well to create your own track experience.

Buy a track and the individual music stems that you can then mix with other stems from tracks and create something new. Remix stems for the example above would include:

-Vocal stems

-Intrument samples stems for example a piano loop stem

-Drum loop sample stems including all the Hi-Hats and Toms.

-Bassline stems that shake the floor and can be used with other combinations of music elements.

Imagine now you have access to all these musical elements and remix stems within your database during a DJ session. With ease you will then establish your mix using these and making new music tracks live. Combining stems to individualise your DJ set is certainly something to consider.

Where can I buy music track stems?

You'll be able to buy stems at Producer Factory and other similar services. For now we only sell ghost productions and the track elements or even project file (DAW) itself.

With every purchase you can add the remix stems to your basket. They can cost more, but most of our Ghost Producers offer them for free. Keep an eye out for buying extra files for free in our store when you add a product to your basket.

We offer Techno ghost productions at our house of tracks and much more. Feel free to find techno stems, progressive track stems and much more when browsing.

We will be expanding our availability of remix stems soon for your convenience.

How to DJ with track stems

DJing with track stems allows you to compose new combinations of music tracks from original elements. Simply upload your audio stems to your Traktor or similar program into multiple layers. Fix any BPM difference and stack your new track as you wish. Music stems can also be replaced individually adding a new texture to you mix.

By changing the melodic stem, vocal stem or other, you can create a whole new music experience using known tracks.

Have fun experimenting and use this new remix stem mixing method to your advantage and take control of your DJ Career.