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DJ song remix

DJ song remix
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5 questions about getting a DJ song remix released

Have you ever though about releasing a DJ song remix? Perhaps even wondered how to remix? There are lots of questions associated to remixing music songs if you haven't made one before. Not only questions related to how to remix, but also is it worth the time? Many remix stems don't come with full resale rights and this can hamper your income upon release.

General questions about remixing DJ songs

1. What is a remix? A remix is a new version of an existing track remade by a different artist to the original music producer who created it.

2. What do I need to remix a DJ song? The remixing producer will generally use the remix stems during production. These are the separate WAV elements of the original track. Also know as separates, remix stems will contain each track of the DAW file separately as a WAV. This includes the FX layer, bass layer, melodic components, drum track and many more.
You may also consider to enquire about the MIDI files of the original. These are the notes your computer and DAW will read to create the pattern. This can then be used to switch out the layer instrument, bass, FX and so on.

3. Where can I find the remix stems? Is depends really. First of all, check in Google by searching for "(track name) remix stems". If this fails, then try to get in contact with the original artist or DJ and ask if you can use them. Some ask for a fee, others give it away for free.

4. Can I sell remixes I've made? That really depends on the rights you have when acquiring the remix stems. Tread carefully here and read up, or contact the original artist to find out more. Some remix stems come with the rights to sell, others are not for commercial use.

5. Who can help me make a remix? We can. Producer Factory has remixed countless tracks for artists, as well as help them find the remix stems and MIDI files. If you need EDM music remixed, then come check out our ghost producers and remix service. You'll be surprised at how easy it is to remix DJ songs here at Producer Factory.

What benefits do you get when you remix DJ songs?

There are a lot of advantages to remixing tracks. Well-known music has a lot of recognition attached. When remixing music, you can use this existing recognition to your advantage. Known DJ songs have a fan base associated with it that you can benefit from.

Releasing a remix under your DJ name will help improve brand recognition. Those who loved the original will be interested to hear what you've done and might even comment or share your new remix DJ songs. The more exposure your DJ alias gets, the better. As a DJ, getting noticed is everything. Your DJ name is your key to getting found and hired for club DJ jobs or events. Releasing an original DJ song remix is therefore very important advertising.

Why not just release a cool new track? Our Ghost Producers certainly agree that original custom ghost productions are vital of course, but remixes are attractive and bring potential fans to your page. Don't underestimate the power of a DJ song remix.

In addition, our remix service is cheaper than an original ghost production. So to give us a go, why not start with a remix project?

Post about remix DJ songs summary

Remix DJ songs have always been a favourite addition to any profile. The benefits are large, especially if you get to remix a well-known track. A few questions to think about are the following.

How many people have made a remix of the track?
What rights do you have with the remix stems?
Is the original track you want to remix well-known and loved?
What style do you want the remix music production to be?

That's it really, we hope this helps you decide on how to remix a song and make the most of your project. Our service is here to help with any remixing needs you may have. Thank you for your time and good luck from the Producer Factory team.