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DJ shop | In-store ghost productions

DJ shop | In-store ghost productions
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DJ shop | In-store ghost productions

Every DJ looks to release as many tracks as possible to boost recognition. How can you increase your release rate? Where can you find the best music productions? Well our DJ shop has music tracks you can buy in-store that include the distribution rights and more. These are called ghost productions.

When searching for the right DJ store to shop for ghost productions, keep quality in mind. There’s a lot of junk out there and there’s not much point of releasing junk out to your fans. You may be wanting to get signed to a label and none have interest in common rubbish. Producer Factory DJ store has only taken in the best of the best Ghost Producers for years now. You will not be disappointed when browsing our ghost productions in-store. Shopping for music tracks is always enjoyable and it’s no different here. The benefit of our DJ store is when a track is purchased, it’s removed from the shop completely. This means you are the only owner of that DJ song and can sell it under your name exclusively.

Why would you buy a ghost production from our DJ store?

Is your passion to DJ like a pro? Are you wondering how to get on a music label? As you know, the best DJs release music to keep attention on their name and brand. Music productions are the only way to get that attention you need to get a big following. The upward spiral a following brings is not to be underestimated. If you bring fans to a Record Label, then you’re very likely to get signed. I can imagine you have a desire to get your DJ name associated with one of the top Record Labels in your electronic music genre and more detailed, style. DJ songs can get you there and buying our ghost productions is an easy way to boost your music track portfolio.

On top of that, the following will make you more interesting for being hired. Club DJ jobs will begin to fall to your feet if you bring a crowd to the event. First you need to attack the marketing aspect of your EDM career as a DJ and having your own tracks will more than help. Our DJ store will give you the tools you need to shine and commonly used by the best, you should consider it also.

Recommended Ghost Producers in our DJ shop

Beachslap - One of our best EDM Ghost Producers in our DJ store. A professional music producer with his own powerful career, can really help you with any top quality music production service you need. Beachslap is one of our early Ghost Producers to join our DJ shop. Through the years, he’s produced some epic tracks for our clients. These include the in-store ghost productions, custom tracks and remixes. His strong points are the EDM genres Tech House, Progressive House, Electro, Electro House and since recently, incredible House music. If you have the money to spend and truly want the best ghost producing service online, then Beachslap is your man. In addition, his skills of communication are unmatched here at Producer Factory. We truly recommend our 10 out of 10 Ghost Producer.

Code Zero - A new addition to our the Producer Factory DJ store, Code Zero has proved himself to be able to hold his ground to our longstanding music producers. A quick list of real successes have pleased our customers, both existing and new. A less expensive alternative for EDM ghost productions in-store, custom music to your specifications and remix songs, Code Zero will still not fail to please. The effort he puts in is endless and admirable, his customer care also expert. His strengths are Deep House, Dupstep, Electro House, Electro Step, House and Progressive. Hire this music producer now as a ghost and get the track you want made to your wish.

These are two examples of the higher and mid range music producers we have at Producer Factory. We have many more working as Ghost Producers for our DJ shop, they have helped many EDM careers flourish. Let them help yours. We also offer info about how you can learn to DJ like a pro in our blog and discuss music production and DJ related topics in our forum. Enjoy our community and DJ store and please note that our customer service is always happy to help. Please feel free to contact us and we'll help you with any service our DJ shop can offer.