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DJ set and mixing a live session for your booking

As a DJ, it’s important you take a lot of time to consider the best way to approach your DJ set. Any performance you go with using your DJ name is advertisement. You must get it right for the venue and where in the line-up you are. Once you have found a booking there are a few things you need to consider that we’ll look into later in this DJ blog post. The main part of this entry is to figure our how best to get your DJ set mixed for a live session for your booking.

DJ Set
Dj Set and Mixing

Setting up your DJ mix

To setup your DJ mix, it’s firstly time to buy tracks online or at the last open CD store in your town. Dust off those covers or download the mp3 of a track you bought where the artist earns next to nothing thanks to extortionate platforms and labels. Once you have a collection of music tracks, it’s time to proceed to the next step of building your DJ set. Mixing tracks is not the easiest thing to achieve. Think about the structures and build of the mp3 tracks. You of course want to start with an audio track for your DJ set that has a really intense and exciting intro. This will set the scene for your online DJ mixing or live.

Once the first music track is ready, then it’s time to find the follow-up music production to be added to your live DJ set. Featuring compatible elements and mixable features. The give it a go using your DJ tools such as Traktor and see what you can come up with. If the feel of the mix is right, then add it to your DJ set and keep this up.

How long should a DJ set be?

The length of your online or live DJ set really depends on the situation you’re planning or presenting it. If you’re wanting to entertain YouTube fans for two hours, then make a long DJ set that will suit the online DJ mix loving community. However, perhaps finding a booking that will give you a slot for multiple hours is less likely. So for a live DJ set you’re willing to mix at an event will have to be suited to the length of your DJing slot given. Then finding the right music tracks and working on the mix of your DJ set is very important. So, make sure you have the right mp3 tracks or music songs for your mixing using Traktor or other DJ tools. Read also

What should I do with my DJ set after an event?

We highly recommend presenting your DJ set online for all to listen to and enjoy. It’s good advertisement for your DJ name and it generates interest. Online DJ sets get shared a lot and mixing up some cool tracks and even buying new tracks to add to it that suit the time is a good idea. Keep your music style an compatibly with the music consumer market alive and well. Being a DJ is simply staying on top of things and a DJ that mixes great sets is one who many enjoy. The best thing about online DJ sets is it’s a long period of exposure of your DJ name or alias. Even if you got it from a DJ name generator, it’s yours and refers to you. So don’t waste your chance of gaining a few more fans with your online DJ set.

Where can I find DJ mix songs for my set?

There are plenty of platforms out there where you can find DJ mix songs as mp3 files for download. The greats I’m sure you already have heard of like Beatport or iTunes. But even smaller and more diverse platforms sometimes shed out gems that many haven’t even heard of. Dj mix songs are import for your DJing set. Don’t underestimate how important getting the mixing right is. Whether it’s an online DJ set or a live DJ set, all mixing of music tracks and mix songs suitable for your fanbase and new to the ears is a good one to go for. This is why we at Producer Factory truly recommend getting your own music productions for your DJ name going. Generate some attention by releasing a track using your DJ name. It’s more important than you would think actually. If you want to get signed to a strong music label, then you need to bring some talent to the table. Working with our ghost producers to achieve this is certainly the right move. We also have plenty of ghost productions online to buy. You won’t be lacking choice of top quality DJ mix songs here and all exclusively for you.

Should I buy ghost productions for my DJ set?

It’s a smart idea to add ghost productions to your DJ set. It adds more personal meaning to it. If you’ve worked for a week or two on a top quality music production using one of our chart-topping online ghost producers, then you’ll certainly feel passionate about the music track you’re presenting. Buying a track is easy, but making it yours and suiting it to your style isn’t. Being an entertainer is hard work and you deserve the recognition that ghost productions generate for your DJ name. Why not use the tricks of the best DJs known today have for their DJ set? Why not follow the footsteps of the David Guetta and Avicii? Do you really think they produce music themselves? I mean the stuff we actually hear? When do they have time for that I wonder. Well the simple guess is, they don’t. One milks existing elements from the royalty bank of Universal Records, and the other probably doesn’t know what mixing and mastering is. Anyhow, to get noticed and generate some attention for your DJ set, simply add a music track or two of yours to your mix. Something people don’t know but help their jaw drop.

Our ghost productions are made by handpicked ghost producers. All who have achieved great things in their time DJing. We have award winning ghost producers, resident Ibiza DJs/ghost producers and so many wild success stories. Now we’re lucky enough to hear them from our DJing customers. Just come and add yourself to our list of success. Our ghost producers await.

Where can I post my DJ set online?

We recommend the large platforms known. Setup a webcam, build a background with your DJ logo and let loose on your DJ mixing skills. Show the world what yo can do and let everyone know how well you can perform DJ mixing. Then simply post it on YouTube and you have a Dj set online and ready to be enjoyed by your fans. Perhaps you don’t want to be videoed, or are not in the right attire to do so, then simply create a few static images and use a simple program to create an audio video with static image transitions. Create the mood for your DJ set and mix in some pictures of your DJ logo or scenery that fits the atmosphere your DJ mixing is creating. It’s easy to get your online DJ set ready, so don’t waste time and get it live.

If you need any help with your DJ set, our ghost producers are more than happy to help you with the mixing. We’ve done it before and can do it again. Read our Sponsor article at Slot Gacor Review

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