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What is a DJ pool and which is best?

What is a DJ pool and which is best?
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A DJ pool is a collection of DJs who put their tracks up for free or a small charge. Then how does this differ from a normal music distribution platform? The difference is simply that a record pool is for DJs to connect and communicate with each other. The added benefit of building a strong amount of music for DJing purposes allows one to stay up to date with the newest releases. Offer your thoughts and constructive criticism as well as network with other producers and DJs.

DJ pools, also known as record pools, are a good way to stay on top of your game. But if you don't have releases, how can you join a DJ pool? Do you miss out on all these benefits? Yes you do.

Why should you join a DJ pool?

Joining a DJ pool is a very smart way to introduce yourself to the industry, connect with fellow DJs and learn how to DJ using tips from the best. Letting yourself be guided is no bad thing and digital download DJ pools are a great place to start.

Discussing various aspects from your DJ mixes to your sets in general, or about which deep house hardwaresynth is best. What about how to get club DJ jobs, or how to decide on a DJ name? There's so many questions you need to answer and time is money. During the initial phase, you're not getting any younger and the only way to gain true valued criticism is to contact professionals. You're also welcome to contact us, but a DJ pool will provide greater diversity and hence value.

Joining a DJ pool also means you can partake in the access to a large and interesting music for DJing library. Build your sets with the newest tracks before they even really get going. This will help establish your DJ name amidst the masses. Downloading tracks from the digital library within DJ pools will keep you in top of the game. Save time searching for the best suited tracks and be notified via email about one suiting you.

Record pools are created by DJs uploading their newest tracks for review and sharing. Some services offer different guidelines such as paying monthly, forcing a comment, or simply allowing it for free with advertisement in the background. All options are ok, but browse the free ones before you dish out any money. There's not much better with the paid versions.

How can you join up?

As mentioned above, there are various versions of service and some require you to upload your own music tracks. So how can you upload music tracks you don't have? Well do you have a style or direction you're wanting to follow? Is your style within the electronic dance music genres? Well we can help.

Buy ghost productions to release under your DJ name. Record pools are a good way of getting your music heard, not only on the site, but off site as well. As DJs download your track from the digital pool library, you will hear your music being played all over the world. This helps boosts your own release and get further exposure.

We have over 60 ghost producers ready to assist at a moments notice. We also have guaranteed release packages if you're wondering how to get a record deal.

Joining a DJ pool is easy. Simply sign up, and begin to use the service available to boost your EDM career. That's how easy it is to join up and enjoy the benefits of a record pool.

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