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DJ mixers, which is best | Numark DM2002X Pro Master

DJ mixers, which is best | Numark DM2002X Pro Master
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A mixer is a tool used for DJ sets and mixes.

1. Loading multiple tracks into the DJ mixer is the first thing one must do.

2. The DJ then uses the mixer to create an overlap of two different tracks.

3. This overlap created generates a whole new sound and ambience of the known tracks.

DJs use mixers to add originality to their transitions between tracks. At some point of course, the playing track is going to end and silence is not acceptable at a party. For this reason, the prepared up and coming track next on the playlist must be brought in seamlessly. DJ mixers help the performer keep the flow of their DJ set going.

Some tactics are swift transitions by simply quickly jumping into the next track at the right time e.g. a drop or after a bridge. This can generate quite an effect for the crowd and usually results in many cheers when mixed well.

Another strategy as a DJ is to truly mix the playing and next track together

Another strategy as a DJ is to truly mix the playing and next track together. This creates a new illusion of the existing tracks.

In effect, the DJ is using the mixer to join together parts of a track that fit well making a new one.

The DJ has the choice to cut and gain various frequencies the track is playing. Each channel is manipulated separately and hence each track frequency can be changed or removed. Allowing various aspects of the two tracks to be interchanged, for example the melody, is key to a success mixing result.

The DJ mixer is a very powerful and necessary tool for all DJs.

The worlds best DJs know how to turn up the level of mixing

The worlds best DJs know how to turn up the level of mixing. When I say the best, I mean the best and not the most famous. DJs that top the charts today probably hardly manage to use Traktor, let alone mix 4 vinyls, CDs or mp3s together at once. The world record is quite fascinating to watch. The DJing skill involved in proper mixing is phenomenal. These live sets are just breathtaking that one forgets it’s actually a party.

Which DJ mixer is best?

Which DJ mixer is best? DJ mixers come in many shapes and sizes. It’s best to start small with a high quality, easily transported tool such as the Numark DM2002X Pro Master DJ mixer and progress from there. It comes with the standard smooth crossfader with 3 channels. Each with 4 set frequency range manipulators from the Tweet range, Treble, Mid to the Bass. It’s also possible to do more with this DJ mixer than most require, but we can only highly recommend this device for your DJ sets.

Depending if you still are a fan of Vinyl mixing or now CD mixing or simply digital mixing, then this tool can be used externally as a controller of your DJ mixing.

Creating DJ mixes will be such a pleasure with such a tool at your disposal. Numark are exceptional developers of DJ equipment and their wide range of successful DJ mixers will help you create your perfect DJ mix with ease.

DJ mixers are also used for scratch sets

DJ mixers are also used for scratch sets and many DJs manipulate preferably Vinyls to create the “scratching" effect. Using the crossfader, the DJ can quickly switch between two sources and create a scratching effect cleanly. The DJ prefers to only pickup the scratch during one direction rotation and not on the return or pause. This creates a crackly free effect that within the Hip Hop genre a top favourite is. This is certainly more a difficult DJing skill to master, but it’s very pleasurable to perform.

My favourite genre to mix in is Drum and Bass. The combination or tracks really brings out an excellent effect and full-bodied new track. The depth of the mix is different every time I DJ, depending on the setup and feel I’m looking for. So I’d have to say that using a DJ mixer is really fun within this genre. Some are much more difficult to master as a DJ mixing live. The crossovers of tracks using the crossfader is usually more abrupt and less creative. However, I’m no specialist, so prove me wrong and send in some videos of your favourite and best DJ mix. we’ll post it with a caption of, you beat me mixmaster or something funny and share it via our network. Of course with your DJ name included. Just an idea and feel free to join in.

So to round off, if you’re new as a DJ and looking at what to buy to get you started, then a DJ mixer should be right at the top of your shopping list. Read around and find the best DJ mixer for you.