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DJ mix songs and which to choose for your set

With the large abundance of DJ mix songs and sets paving the way or each new release coming out, it’s difficult to stand out from the crowd. As a DJ, choosing the right mix songs and mp3 files is important for your fans to enjoy their experience. A happy experience relates happy memories to your DJ name and hence it’s vital you generate the right vibes with your DJ mix songs and the associated set. Djing is entertainment, so focus on being an entertainer first. This is prioritised over personal choice. you must feed the masses what they want.

To start searching for he right mix tracks and mp3 songs, review what’s topping the music charts right now. After some research, see how these fit into your style of DJing. Buy tracks that do suit and being adding your DJ mix songs into your software or Dj tools. This is where the mixing process can begin.

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What DJ software tools should I download for my mix songs?

There are a few DJ software tools you could use for this process of mixing. Let’s look at the free dj software available first.

Mixx offers a great dj tool for your mixing and live sets. This Mixing Engine is perfect for creating a good beatmix without much hassle or complications. The features include the following:

  1. Dual decks with advance controls at the touch of your fingertips. Simply drag and drop the dj song you want to add into your DJ mix live set and the software will give you the ability to perform scratching and offers a clear view of the whole waveform in the display. This will help you understand the peaks and the the troughs of the music track. With ease you can see the best attack and procedure of your mixing.
  2. You can also Time Stretch and emulate Vinyl sounds. This feature helps you speed up or slow down the track being played and allows you full control over adding vinyl features to the dj mix.
  3. The next feature is Beat looping. If you have a cool beat you wish to loop or extend into your mix whilst getting the next mp3 track ready, you can choose the length of the loop to be played, for example 4, 8 or 16 beats in a bar. All this with a click of a button.
  4. Hotcuing is a brilliant way to insert a new track into the mixing process by setting up the next inline mp3 track and setting up a trigger is very easy. Hotcue points will resolve without any delay. This tool focuses well on accuracy of mixing and would be a good addition to your DJ mix and live set.
  5. If you’re into pitchbend, then this piece of DJ software will not disappoint. The type of pitchbend used here is a type that won’t be affected by tempo changes. It actually acts just like a Vinyl.
  6. Many DJs are rightfully concerned about format support. The audio decoders used there provide the user excellent audio with true stability and accuracy. The Mixxx tool plays many audio formats such as mp3, M4A/AAC, Ogg, Vorbis, FLAC, WAVE and AIFF audio formats.
  7. Finally, but not least, Mixxx software for DJs used to setup and play their DJ mix has easy to use EQ and crossfader controls. Filters added to this tool such as audiophile butterworth filters offer shiftable EQ shelves and the Crossfader gives the DJ the necessary option of smooth crossfades.

So don’t wait any longer and feel free to give this piece of free DJ software a go. It easily keeps up with it’s competitors that cost money and we’ll provide a look into one of these accordingly. That way you can have a look and compare what is the right DJ tool for your mix.

Traktor pro 3 is a good dj software tool

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For around 99Euros, you can buy the Traktor pro 3 from Native instruments. This is one of the most famous dj tools available and rightfully so. Native Instruments have done a fantastic job creating this DJ tool for your mix and live set. With the ability to attach up to four decks, the possibilities are near endless. Let’s have a look at this dj software tool and it’s features.

Traktor pro 3 from Native instruments and why it’s the best dj tool available.

  1. Seem-less hardware integration.
  2. Easily capture loops, beats and other samples. Bring these into your remix decks and use it for remixing and re-editing any music track you want to. This will give you the ability to free your imagination and design your signature DJ sound.
  3. Buy many extensions both hardware and software to control your Traktor pro 32 djing experience.
  4. Many unique software features are there for you to discover. Make your DJ hardware come to life.
  5. Take a grip on your music track preparation. In no time you’ll be abel to find the dj songs you need. Traktor pro 3 has full compatibility with iTunes and that gives you a near endless library of dj songs that you can use in your dj set and live mix.
  6. Quickly sync dj songs together and apply the same BPM by using the beatgrids that are provided in the software.
  7. Adaptive key features in this dj software helps you suit the mixing tracks to each other. Changing audio key has never been more easy. It works perfectly each time.
  8. A large array of DJ mixers and EQ filters including FX units for each channel is also available.
  9. Looping and cueing at a click of a button. Hotcues are standard here and easy to use.
  10. Choose from more than 30 studio-grade effects. These combined with the 4 FX units and a Marco FX one-knob software system is a powerful tool to contend with.
  11. You even have a loop recorder at your access. Loop any live sounds you want and bring them into your DJ mix. Remixing live is a skill not all can comprehend, but if done well, you’ll shine brightly.

So Traktor pro 3 with all these features that include even transferring sounds into Remix Decks is a DJ tool you cannot ignore. If you want to improve your DJ mix and get the right DJ songs for it, then using free dj software or others is a way forward. Dj mix songs you chose to then remix and create live dj sets for your fans to enjoy is as easy as can be. Using such dj tools and software or hardware help you perfect your dj mix. Mixing songs has always required skill and a good ear for compatibly, so make sure you chose the right DJ tool for you. Begin mixing better today and find the right dj software tool for you. Add signature dj mix songs to your dj set.

Finally, though it is not easy finding the right dj songs for your mix, just browse the internet and listen to other dj mix songs. This way you can suit your dj mix to the best and then add individuality. Yes, dj software will help, yes dj tools are very important, but you need to create your signature sound. The way to achieve this is to get your own mp3 tracks and only the best will do. Buy exclusive ghost productions and be unique. Use Session Musicians and get vocal loops to make you stand out. Your dj mix needs to be special, so don’t just focus on the right DJ tool or dj software. Being yourself and offering your fans a look into your dj skills is important. Enjoy making the crowd go wild and we hope this blog post helped.

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