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As a DJ, jobs won’t simply fly into your inbox everyday unless you’re connected to a DJ agency and have something to offer. If you’re looking to turn your DJ career into a profession, then the main thing you need to achieve is gaining income. Dj bookings and job are what you need. But how to become a club DJ and where to look for jobs? Is looking for jobs the right way to approach the problem of no bookings at the weekend? There are a few things you and every DJ normally does. Firstly however, let’s look at what you need to have to present yourself professionally.

DJ Jobs

What you need to get into a DJ agency

1. Social media sites and accounts: These include Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and Google+ as a bare minimum. You then need to ensure that anyone looking to give away club DJ jobs will be interested in your extended reach. To make sure your accounts are viable, positive and interesting to a DJ agency, get followers, fans and plays on your news feeds and libraries. If you need help with a social media campaign, then feel free to contact us for more info. We know ways that will save you time and look professional. All that you need to get your DJ job booked. DJ agencies put a lot of weight on having entertainers with a strong fanbase.

2. A DJ website: this is a must have in our day and age of Internet. Rarely will anyone hire you as a club DJ via your Twitter account. Of course this happens, but a DJ agency wants their portfolio of entertainers including yourself to look the part. So, a website, preferably mobile optimized is needed. We can get your DJ website made for £699 and £899 including calendar, player integration and mobile and SEO optimised. What more do you need to show off your sets and self? We’ll even throw in a booking form for DJ jobs and a contact form for a DJ agency in for free. That’s not all, also a free video section so you can have your live sets as a video on your site. Contact us and we’ll send you screenshots of what your new site could look like. Give DJ agencies a good chance to contact you and also review your career in full.

3. Logo and solid name: for some this may seem daunting, but again, we can help. We’ll provide you a logo for £199-£599. The higher fee is for an animated logo of your DJ name. Please also have a look at our DJ name generator blog post. Perhaps this may be useful adjoined info to review.

4. Portfolio of DJ events and jobs in clubs: to get started, just wrack up some pics, videos and DJing time. Offer your services for free and get reviews and fans in no time. You have to start somewhere. With such info available on your new site, shared throughout your social base, DJ agencies will be happy to have you on board. Then you can start having the DJ jobs roll in.

Looking for club DJ jobs to come to you?

The easiest part comes now. The reason it’s so easy is you’re offering money for a service. Let’s look at paid services that are a must have if you are looking for club DJ jobs to come to you.

1. Marketing your name and alias helps you find the right DJ agency: this can be done via many platforms such as, Soundcloud, Google Adwords, affiliate marketing and many more. Btw, if you don’t know what I’m talking about here, then that’s an alarm to get help from professional marketing gurus. We can help, so contact us now. It’s just always a good sign for a DJ agency to see you’re going all in to get to the top. Only the motivated and resilient will succeed.

2. Social paid campaigns to get your profiles noticed: Facebook is certainly the best here and of course a Twitter are the only ones you should consider for America and Europe. The reasons why I limit the options here right away, is so that your resources can be focused and your money well spent. You should expect a 0.1-1% success rate. We have around 3-9%, but that’s what marketing gurus achieve. If you need any advice, then feel free to contact us. We want you to succeed as that sets the foundation for my next point.

3. Buy ghost productions and hire ghost producers: this is by far the most vital element of any DJ career. If you want DJ jobs via an agency or otherwise to come to you, then release a top quality EDM hit. Our EDM ghost producing professionals are here to help that become a reality. Do you see the link in our menu called “Ghost Producers“? That’s the real key. This is what sets the stars apart from the nobodies. No one can tell us that David Guetta sits in a studio and produces tracks all by himself, or even at all. He’s probably forgotten the smell of the ozone generated in a music studio. That’s not a bad thing though. He’s doing it right! And so should you.

Releasing top quality tracks in your EDM genre is the gateway to DJ agencies and there on into club DJ jobs. This is the route you need to take once the above easily sorted points are covered. Realise your next EDM EP with music producers who have all their lives been working in the industry. I’m talking about Award winning producers at your finger tips. Non of this quick fix attitude of our competition is found at Producer Factory. That’s why we have taken years to get as many ghost producers as we have for our EDM genres such as Electro House and Tech House and many more.

If you cover all these points and build up your portfolio of DJ jobs, club events and your own EDM music tracks. Using these, then create a strong fanbase, you’ll have all you need to be noticed by a DJ agency and DJ jobs will come your way. Kickstart your DJ career and become a professional today.

For more info about how to join a DJ agency, please feel free to contact us and we’ll increase your chance many fold towards getting club DJ jobs in no time.

We want you to thrive as a DJ and if you’re taking the time to read our posts and learn, then you’re the type of customer we really want. Motivated and passionate DJs like yourself are exactly what the industry needs and we’re here to welcome you with open arms. Paste this URL into your request for a 10% discount off any order or project. This offer is not stackable.

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