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DJ collaboration with Ghost Producers | Producer Factory

DJ collaboration with Ghost Producers | Producer Factory
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DJ collaboration with Ghost Producers at Producer Factory:

My DJ collaboration story with Producer Factory starts following my attempt as a DJ to stem into music producing.

I had been mixing for several years before it got to the point where I felt my sets needed something by me in them, not only to further my DJ career and set myself apart from the rest, but to fulfil a life-long desire to make my own music tracks. So I did some background research, bought a popular music production program, took an online course and got cracking on my first track.

However, being a DJ and having many other work and private life commitments, I never had enough time to master the music production software and put together anything meaningful. So I began to realise that producing a professional music track requires a great deal of knowledge, experience and equipment, but most of all, time. It's a full-time job rather than a part-time hobby and it would take me years to achieve my dream of making a track that might get a release on a Record Label.

Slightly dejected, but not willing to give up on a DJing dream

Slightly dejected, but not willing to give up on a DJing dream, I wondered if there was anyone out there who might help me in my quest. I had read about how some of my favourite music producers used a third party to mix and master their tracks as this is quite a specialist area.

So I reasoned that if such service is available for one part of the music production process, then perhaps there are services for the entire production process. Several Google searches later and I had discovered a few music companies that offered such a service called "ghost producing", aimed at DJs to help them create their own tracks - this was exactly what I was after.

However, after browsing a few of the websites, most didn't seem to fit the bill - their services were either too biased towards EDM (a style which I tend to avoid), the example tracks they had for sale in their stores did not sound professional, or I did not receive a meaningful answer after enquiring with them about their custom track services. But then I came across one website which stood out head and shoulders above them all - Producer Factory.

Some of the tracks sounded very professional, almost as if I was browsing actual music releases on Beatport

Their store covered a wide-range of genres and some of the ghost productions sounded very professional, almost as if I was browsing through actual released tracks on Beatport.

Their descriptions about the remix and custom track services they offer were very comprehensive and they even had a compelling video to illustrate process.

So I sent an enquiry explaining my situation and if they could help. Immediately I received a reply and was blown away by the degree of friendliness and willingness to cater for my requirements. It was almost as if anything I had requested would have been possible. Stunned by the response, I took a few days to weigh up my options before deciding to test the water with a few of my favourite tracks from their store.

This renewed my enthusiasm to DJ

This renewed my enthusiasm to DJ since I could finally produce mixes with tracks in them baring my own DJ name. The tracks blended really well with others from my music collection and this had a positive effect on my mixing skills and creativity.

I refreshed my image, came up with a plan for a release schedule, found more bookings and made more promotional mixes. This started to get me a lot more recognition, not only in the clubs, but online also as I seemed to gain more followers and favourites every day. People are more likely to rate you as a DJ or listen to your latest mix tape if you have some of your own music productions included within it.

More than happy with the way things were going, but still hungry for more, I reasoned the next logical step was to add a remix to my armoury and contacted Producer Factory to see if they could help.

I was met with amazing customer service and professionalism

Again, I was met with amazing customer service and professionalism following my request. In fact, I'd go as far to say I haven't experienced customer service like it from any internet-based company I've ever dealt with.

Producer Factory set a precedent for professionalism and flexibility, and they even go a step further by caring for you on a personal level. So I obtained the track remix stems for the track I wanted to remix, wrote a brief, set my budget and forwarded this to Producer Factory to match me with someone who could most closely fulfil my requirements.

This is another great quality of the service - there's a stable of over 60 thorough-bred music ghost producers to choose from, so no matter what your style or budget is, you're guaranteed to be catered for.

As my remix was being created, my expectations were constantly exceeded

As my remix was being created, my expectations were constantly exceeded by Producer Factory. And even when misunderstandings arose, they put things right quickly and without fuss.

It is naive to think that any request would be precisely matched first time without physically being there next to the Ghost Producer in the studio. So the way Producer Factory approaches their custom track process, using an iterative flow of emails and demos, is spot on.

I imagine this is how a lot of the top producers in the music industry collaborate with DJs if their geographical location prevents them from being together in the same studio.

Only a few weeks after my initial request, the finished remix was delivered and completely blew me (and everyone I played it to) away. I use the track in pretty much all my sets and it has done even more than I expected to boost my recognition.

I have another custom track underway with Producer Factory

So as I write, I have another custom track underway with Producer Factory, and am slowly gearing up to start enquiries with Record Labels now and submit my music as I have a solid producer and DJ profile. They have put me years ahead of where I would be without them. And even if I had gone it alone, I probably wouldn't have achieved the same level of quality either.

It would be completely wrong and ignorant to think of their service as "cheating". Why deny someone with a passion for music and an idea for a track the chance to make it just because they don't have the time or expertise to do so themselves?

Producer Factory gives people this chance via DJ collaboration with music producers in a highly professional and flexible manner, easily being the best ghost production service out there. But don't just take my word for it - try the service for yourself and finally make that killer track you always dreamt about a reality!

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