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DJ as a Career

DJ as a Career
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DJ as a career and enjoy the high flying lifestyle that comes with it

So many, young and old love the idea of being a DJ as a career. A career in DJ is not an easy feat to achieve. Most DJ careers end in nothing ever kickstarting, but there’s a reason for this. If you want to become a famous DJ, then you need to follow the formula of the stars today. Perhaps even thinking ahead and being more spectacular.

The question about how to become a famous DJ is most relevant to those who truly wish to aspire and DJ as a career. Hobby DJs love their on an off weekends at local clubs. These type of DJ jobs however can become very tiresome and as you’re reading this, I’m sure you’re thinking and wanting to know what the next step is. Well, let me please ask you a few questions about how to DJ as a career.

  1. How grand is your DJ online presence? Do you have many followers, plays on your DJ mixes or even releases?
  2. Where do you get your most DJ jobs from, whether it be clubs or events?
  3. Do you invest for your Career in DJ?
  4. Are you signed to a top notch label?

To all these questions, you’ll probably be thinking you could have done more, or have tried it as best a possible and frustrated that you can’t move on to further your wish to DJ as a career and become a famous known artist brand. This is understandable. Let’s break down these questions and see where more can be done.

Your DJ career online presence

With being a DJ online today, social media is the key component to your recognisability. Begin a DJ that has any weight behind them, then a strong following group of fans is required to be sellable as a DJ name brand. Labels and DJ agencies looking to give your jobs in clubs or events are focused on making the most attractive deal to their clients. You being a brand and product need the following that will bring customers and consumers to the club or event. If you don’t have anything to sell, then you’re product can at best, be given away for free. This is not a bad thing to start out with. DJing at clubs and events is a wonderful way to get fans and attention. It gives you the opportunity to show off your DJing skills and give you that edge to start a DJ career. However, most likely you are past this stage and want to focus on moving your career in DJ to the next level. If not, then please read our blog post about how to start a DJ career.

To finalise this question, as a DJ and hence product for a DJ agency, to get more jobs in clubs or events, you need to have some fanbase worth investing in. If you were to bring 1000 people to a party, then you’ve got a huge potential at being a money making machine. In real terms, 1000 people can bring the organisers up to more than $100’000. Your fee for an event then should be around 25% including your agency fee and travel expenses. This is a rough estimate and it truly depends on the size of event, or venue. If you’re the main act, then this can be viable. Please remember that when you attack a career in DJ, you are the business and merchandise, hence act accordingly.

Where do you get most your DJ jobs from?

This question is one you should ask yourself. How are you gaining income if you DJ as a career? Is it through word to mouth, or are you getting interest via your website or social profiles? What percentage is coming in where? Once you have an overview, then there are multiple routes you can take to improve your income and exposure performing live sets. Let’s take a look.

-If your DJ jobs are coming via word to mouth, then that will reach a limit very quickly unless you’re world renowned. Though it’s the most likely option to start with, you must being to consider how to add other channels quickly. To gain more exposure quickly, releasing an EDM ghost production is the best way forward. Having your name plastered over covers and in large consumer sites such as Beatport or Spotify, then you’re on the right path. This is what we call branding. DJ careers are launched by releasing a hit after hit. Recognisably, DJ name generating is very important.

-Do your DJ jobs one via social media or your website online? If yes, then this is great. It means you have something sellable about you and should really make sure that brand is strengthened. Again releases is the way forward. Sharing new remixes and songs suited to your EDM brand will help solidify your DJ name and allow for a higher rate of followers on your pages and social profiles. Ghost productions will help you achieve this quickly and swiftly. Our ghost producers specialise in adapting to your style. with centuries of experience between them, you can’t go wrong. Award winning, chart topping music producers at your fingertips to help you increase your release rate. Offering you a DJ signature style when performing. This is an excellent way to boost your DJ career in no time.

-Are you signed to a DJ agency? This is a great step forward. Only of course if your DJ agency is helping your DJ career progress. Are you lacking DJ jobs from them, then you need to consider why. Either selling your DJ brand and style is harder than expected, or they’re too lazy. Writing about this is not easy and your DJ career specifics are unknown to me. Focus on the info above and see what best suits your position and could help you have a career as a DJ.

Do you invest in your DJ career?

By investment in your DJ career I mean, do you advertise, or buy equipment and software? Do you hire music ghost producers to help create your remixes and EDM ghost productions for your DJ name? Have you invested in graphics? All these questions must be answered by yes. The best DJs known today tick all these boxes. To become a DJ who can reach the top, you need to push your career as much as possible and regain your investment by taking on DJ jobs. The only way you’ll get club DJ jobs or event bookings is by investing. It’s a spiral that must be kept motional to succeed. It’s the same in every business and a DJ career is a business.

Producer Factory invests a lot in exposure and teaching potential clients what our ghost producing service can offer. We’re a niche market, but the time spent educating the motivated DJ who is looking to be the best and develop a strong career is the client we want. Only passionate individuals can work together and our producers are very passionate and if you’re reading this, then so are you.

Anyways, back on topic. Advertising can be taken in many ways. You advertise if you have product to sell. This can be your DJ name or your EDM tracks. So you’re covering two areas in effect. One area is focussed on getting DJ jobs and the second is focusing on ganging fans. The two come hand in hand and what you then need is an attractive online DJ presence and top quality hit potential EDM ghost productions. This means creating two separate campaigns. One for music labels and DJ agencies to notice your DJ career and secondly for fans to get to hear your EDM tracks, remixes and releases. So we recommend creating a social media campaign and an Adwords campaign for your DJ website. If you need help, just let us know and we’ll help you DJ as a career.

Are you signed to a top notch DJ music label and DJ as a career?

If yes, then excellent news. If not, then you really have to start building up your music portfolio to DJ as a career. Artists these days team up with top quality music producers that they look for to hire. In our service and niche, these are called Ghost Producers. There is a major difference between music producers and ghost producers. This simply comes down to the agreement between you and the music producer. When releasing an EDM track, the best and most effective way to get the most out of a release for your DJ career is by having your DJ name alone on the album cover. Ghost Producers work for hire and sell their work including the rights to you as a DJ. Music producers however want to be credited. This can cause conflict of interest and royalty and distribution complications. So, keep it simple, be a customer and not a partner.

Whilst writing this ghost producing DJ blog post, I had a customer contact one of our ghost producers asking for a bulk discount on multiple tracks. This is exactly what is needed to make her DJ career head off in the right direction. Buying multiple tracks from the same ghost producer keeps style consistent and during the release of those EDM tracks, we can work on custom ghost productions suited to her every need. Style is important and keeping it recognisable as a DJ signature associated with a DJ career key to being noticed. Create radio edits, extended version and anything else you need to help you get heard and DJ as a career. We can do it all and our ghost producers are ready to help your career in DJ become a success.

We want you to thrive as a DJ and if you’re taking the time to read our posts and learn, then you’re the type of customer we really want. Motivated and passionate DJs like yourself are exactly what the industry needs and we’re here to welcome you with open arms. Paste this URL into your request for a 10% discount off any order or project. This offer is not stackable.

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