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DJ 2015 | A difficult year to make money

DJ 2015 | A difficult year to make money
By 22 June 2015 539 Views No comments

DJ 2015, a difficult year to make money, so how to be the best this year? Well it's certainly not easy with the competition that's around these days. Of course the added difficulty rises from the increased exclusivity that the music industry giants are focusing on achieving.

In this year for the DJ of 2015, it's becoming harder to freely advertise and sell your music productions. With streaming platforms on the rise, there's less and less money for the artists to share.

For any major DJ 2015 it is close to equally beneficial, whose tracks get played thousands or more times a day. For a lesser known DJ, their income for 2015 will decrease from the years before. At least when discussing track sales or music production profits.

How can the DJ of 2015 make money to survive?

How can the DJ of 2015 make money to survive? Well income is nowadays purely generated through finding bookings and getting on a major label for better coverage and exposure. These Record Labels and contacts will help get the DJ jobs in clubs or events needed to make this DJing hobby into a profession.

With plenty of bookings a year, advertisement to increase streaming coverage of your DJ music and hence to increase income is a wise plan. Well, obviously plenty lands in the pocket of all surrounding the DJ of 2015, but it is teamwork and that's just how it is. Without a team working with you, your brand as a DJ will diminish into nothing. What does such a team consist of?

-Music production team who work on your next DJ music release

-Marketing covering social media and targeted advertisements

-Management who smooth talk potential employers and note, it's not what you know, but who you know.

-Finally it's you the DJ of 2015 who is there to entertain the crowds and fans. Make sure you're original, exciting and passionate about being the best.

Some DJs manage most of this themselves

Some DJs manage most of this themselves. Creating a sellable DJ 2015 brand is not easy, but achievable and having the key factors necessary to stay in the loop and be recognised is a gift. What we at Producer Factory least expect from the DJs of 2015 is their music production skills. DJ music is signature to each individual out there. Having a recognisable sound is key. However DJs are entertainers, natural at being on stage where the most money is made. Sitting quietly in a studio focusing on minute details such as sound design. Or adding high notes to seemingly fill the track. Doesn't this seem to actually be counterproductive?

DJs used to actually do something

DJs used to actually do something with music and the DJ 2015 doesn't really influence it anymore. The purpose of a Disk Jockey lies in the name. They were responsible for keeping the music going at a party within a well thought out playlist. Acquiring all music tracks arriving with cases of vinyls or later CDs and trying to perform flawlessly.

Nowadays, the DJs of 2015 are simply figureheads who are responsible for entertainment and crowd pleasing. Having pre-made DJ mixes and or programs that do the tough part for you is common. Those days where DJs physically mixed tracks are over. It's all down to the brand and that brand being sellable. Including the DJ music, DJ name and visual brand or concept. As it's clear again and again, something new and fresh is best. The successful DJ of 2015 is one who is versatile and smart. Leaving the best in the team to their part and focusing on being the entertainer needed to rock that dance floor.

In the case of DJ music, we can help

In the case of DJ music, we can help. With top quality music producers at the ready, ones who have themselves reached top of the chart status many times in their online DJ career, are now available for hiring as ghost producers.

What's so great about ghost productions? Well it's simple. You can buy and then release any track from our store under your DJ name. You earn all the sales income and don't need to credit the music producer. You can find the right producer for you and your DJ brand. One suitable to your style and desired concept. We have a wide range of budget levels that can best fit your needs and of course only the best music for your EDM career as a DJ in 2015.