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Session Vocalists and Musicians work for hire

By 28 September 2015 1048 Views 1 comment

Our new section “Session Musicians” is now online. Finally we have found those handful of musicians and vocalists who are world renowned. This service will offer you the option to hire Session Musicians of your choice to add a custom layer to your track. Buying samples is one way about adding pre-recorded elements, but sadly you can’t custom make a sample when buying a pack. Now the choice and freedom is yours to enjoy. If you feel your music production needs a female vocal layer to add that special something, then you can hire our vocalists and enjoy a fat layer to make your track memorable. It’s so easy you won’t ever look to sample packs again to fit your style.

Vocalists for hire so find the right session vocals for you

By Producerfactory 14 September 2015 1243 Views No comments

When listening to the DJ songs out there that reach the charts and become world class hits, there’s usually one clear cut feature that all share. It’s the vocal samples used that really stand out an give the music track it’s individual touch. As a DJ, I’m sure you’ve been exploring how to hire a vocalist and get your music tracks more recognisable and individual. If you’re not attached to a label owning the rights and royalties to a bank of top quality vocals, then perhaps you can find the answer to your needs here at Producer Factory. Our session vocalists here have worked with top quality music talents and worldwide phenomenons.

Beat maker music stems and vocal samples

By Producerfactory 14 September 2015 622 Views No comments

Beat maker music stems and vocal samples

Now new to Producer Factory, you can get your Beat Maker music stems and vocal samples custom made by our Session Musicians. Creating a DJ signature sound is key for your next release of DJ mix songs. In an EP it’s wise that your fans can recognise your music without having to read the cover or DJ name. I’m sure you’re into buying sample packs with al the sounds you need to create your music. If however you don’t want to have all the same stuff as everyone else, then now you can get your own custom sample stems made exclusively. This will be a onetime purchase order from a Session Musician at Producer Factory and then with demos and comments guiding our team to your goal, you’ll have the perfect music stem to add to your sound bank. This can include vocal samples made to your specifications and perhaps even a cool world instrument stem? We have it all and our Session Musicians here to help fill up your custom music stem sound bank are the best who have worked with the famous and will now work with you.

New online recording studio network Session Musician

By Producerfactory 12 September 2015 530 Views No comments

Online recording studio service named Session Musician

As we draw closer to the release date of our online recording studio service Session Musician, I would like to take the time to go through the process with you and what the service offers. To the delight of our customers, the Session Musician section will enable connections to female and male vocalists, String musicians and and Wind instrument online recordings. This kind of music recording service is highly useful for any professional audio producer or DJ. It offers you the chance to exquisitely complete top quality ghost productions or your own music tracks. With high quality vocals recorded via our online studio network, you could make your release stand out from the rest. The magic of vocals is you can design a layer that sticks in all your fans head and stays there the whole day. With singalong memorable features giving power to your breaks and melodies, you can’t go wrong.

Instrument stems for your music track

By sandro junker 28 August 2015 521 Views No comments

Instrument stems for your music track

Instrument layers and stems are vital for a strong and recognisable music track. As all know, it's often the melody or vocals that keep a track fit for the charts. In the last post we focused on vocals and how male and female vocals can boost your track potential beyond imagination. I'll now say the same concerning instrument stems for your music track.

Music productions must have a sing or hum along feature

What we've noticed in our ventures and those our client DJs have told us about is, that the more catchy a track is, the better the average release becomes. So it's obviously important to use instruments as a key feature of your production. Combine these layers with synth and a brilliant drum beat and you'll have a track to be proud of. Of course let's not forget a hefty bassline.

Exclusive music stems for your production or DJ mixing

By Producerfactory 26 August 2015 615 Views No comments

DJing using stems | How to improve your set

By Producerfactory 16 August 2015 628 Views No comments

DJing using stems of tracks is a new way to approach your DJing style and method. Music layers have become more than interesting to DJs, as these are what can truly create new mixes adding individuality to the musical experience.

Track stems now sought after for DJing is becoming a new and growing market. We at Producer Factory will follow this carefully and adapt to the market and your DJing needs. If you are looking for DJ elements that truly can add originality to your DJ set, then don’t look any further. We can help you find the ghost productions right for you, and their layered stems accordingly.

Drum samples | Add power to your music productions

By 27 June 2015 493 Views No comments

Drum samples for music production are used consistently within most new releases today. With sample manufacturers always bringing out excellent sample loops or singles that can be added to your midi controller and database, you’re set for your next music production. Drum samples are commonly the most used in the sample industry.

With thousands of downloads and purchases of music drum samples a month, the sample industry is booming illegally and a bit legally.