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If you have a track ready to pitch to record labels, there’s one main thing to consider

By 13 October 2016 127 Views No comments

If you have a track ready to pitch to record labels, there’s one main thing to consider

If you have a track ready to pitch to record labels, there’s one main thing to consider. First off, record labels are businesses. Their only thought is, are you and your products worth their time investment? So, how can you become valuable to labels?

You need to bring with a strong following, fanbase who would purchase your track off the bat upon release for a secured potentially guaranteed income.

Let them know where you have bookings, how many times a week/month and your average fees so far. As they may be entitled to booking fees etc. it’s key for them to know your value.

The whole process is a sales pitch and the music itself is also very important. For that reason I recommend certainly including a short brief about the track. Do however keep your pitch and submission email short and full of facts. Add a picture of yourself and anything associated to your brand as such to show how impressive your branding skills are.

Beatport promotion is key to getting into the charts | How to go about it

By 21 September 2016 329 Views No comments

Beatport promotion is key to getting into the charts | How to go about it

Promoting you new Beatport releases is a key factor to getting your productions into the charts. This process gets easier and easier the more followers and fans you have on social media and on Beatport itself. It's always simplified when all you need to do is send out a single notification to all and watch the sales spike. It's that spike which gets you the chart positioning you're after.

But what if your follower numbers simply aren't enough?

Followers on social platforms aren't the most reliable resources out there. As I'm sure all have experienced before, a small event or reunion is arranged and 200+ announce they're coming, but only 50 turn up.

You can safely estimate that about 0.1% of your followers will actually purchase your track once announced, and the rest may decide to buy after the following weeks or months. To get into the charts. You need an immediate spike in sales. Achieving this is a whole other ball game. Not only do you need tracks to get followers and releases to gain exposure, but without followers, your tracks don't get shared and sold much. Some of the help comes from the record labels. You can imagine what ease Spinnin' has getting any track into the charts each time. With over 6'000'000 followers on Facebook alone, the 0.1% still produces 6000 sales immediately. Let's not forget Twitter, SoundCloud and on Beatport itself where the purchasing numbers are much higher.

Is there another way?

Yes there is. You can buy your way into a network that supports such sales spikes and can help you reach the charts with ease like Spinnin' other major labels can do. It all comes down to what your willing to invest.

Let's take a look at a Deep House Beatport top 100 chart case study that was performed

Using an initial investment of £799, purchases were made by an anonymous artist and a network. This sum may seem a lot to just simply get into the Beatport top 100 deep house charts, but the results were spectacular. First off, as an artist you will receive 25% back in sales income. If the track pulls its own weight, then it'll continue to climb. A total of £1400 was returned to the artist in sales from this process and initial investment of £799 which got the artist within the top 50 on Beatport. This study shows that hitting the charts is not only profitable, but it also provides the artist with much exposure and new doors begun to open. Bookings became more frequent and lucrative as well. That's of such great importance for the long run, and something that was not expected to happen so suddenly.

Can you get into the Beatport top 100 charts?

Yes you can. With our newest guarantee package, we can guarantee you a desired positioning within the charts. This means that you can benefit from the same plus points as major artists do on major establishments. What more could one hope for?

Spinnin’ Records ghost productions | How can we get you on the biggest EDM labels?

By 16 September 2016 174 Views No comments

Spinnin’ Records ghost productions | How can we get you on the biggest EDM labels?

Many of our customers want to get onto the biggest EDM labels out there. This is of course understandable, so we’re busy working on ghost productions specifically made for Spinnin’ Records. What we have to always clarify to our customers is simply that the music is not the whole package in such cases. Mid range labels and smaller indie labels are luck to receive demo submissions of top quality tracks and would snatch them up in no time. For larger brands such as Revealed Records and Spinnin’ Records, there’s more to it. Here’s what Spinnin’ looks for in a DJ.

360° Package review | Customer feedback for guaranteed releases

By 19 May 2016 378 Views No comments

The new 360-degree service offered by Producerfactory really is the best career-launching package you could possibly hope for. Not only does it provide the expertise of top-quality ghost producers to make your dream track, but it also goes one step further by providing a guaranteed release of that track on a record label.

Producerfactory's flexibility also allows the service to be completely tailored to your needs. No matter what your requirements or budget, you can get yourself signed. Whether it be a single track released as a DJ collaboration with your chosen producer on an entry-level label, or a 3-track EP released in your own name on a major label, Producerfactory has it covered.

Good music label | How to join one

By 10 April 2016 453 Views No comments

A good music label is hard to get into nowadays. The competition is hefty and numerous. So how do your chances match up to getting onto a top label? Well we can say they're 100% or your money back.

Our guaranteed 360° release package will get you into any good record label within the tech house, techno and house genres.

We have 2 core options available, the solo or co-release option with the producer of the track. Furthermore you have the choice of an A-C list top record label. Prices range from £499-£1299.

a and r music label contacts | Finding the right one for you

By 8 April 2016 425 Views No comments

A and r music label contacts can be difficult to find. Especially if you've focused on producing music for release rather than a specific style suited to your favourite record label. So we've created a section to help you find the right a and r contacts for you.

What is a&r | Artist and Repertoire | Contacts

By 8 April 2016 604 Views No comments

"What is A&R?", is a common question within the music industry. A&R is the division of a record label or music publishing house that takes care of any music submissions by new DJs and they look after existing signed artists. It's kind of the human resources section for everyday companies.

If you're asking what is A&R, then it's safe to say you're hoping to get signed to a record label. Getting a substantial record deal is key to kick starting or relaunching your DJ career. All our customers are hoping for this breakthrough and thankfully we've helped many achieve their goal or beat their expectations with our two services. Either via bulk mailing suitable record label A&R contacts in your genre, or by acquiring a guaranteed release package to get on a top record music label of today.