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Why choose Producer Factory over a music production school?

By 21 September 2016 140 Views No comments

Why choose Producer Factory over a music production school? | Build your own course

If you’re looking to learn specific techniques and music production skills, then the courses out there today rarely offer what you’re after. Many of our producers and engineers working with us have been through the stage of wondering how to achieve the standards they have reached today. The most logical step is to take a course built around the style and subjects you’re into. However most such teachings end up to be an utter disappointment for a lot of money.

Free music production videos and tutorials

By 25 February 2016 456 Views No comments

Free music videos | How to make tutorials | Anything from the Machine 2.0 to DJ tips

Are you looking for a place where you can watch music videos on how to make EDM for free? Perhaps you're a DJ and need a place where you can learn more about your DJ Hardware for free, well you've come to the right place.

Producer Factory has just released a new section for tutorials. It shows how you can make your own music and much more. Many new producers like to step up their game and create a remix, welled have free music videos about remix production specifically. There are no hidden charges and it's 100% free to watch as many music production or DJ tutorials as you like.

Where are the best DAW tutorials for Ableton or FL Studio?

By 25 February 2016 835 Views No comments

Where are the best DAW tutorials for Ableton or FL Studio?

No matter the direction you're heading, tutorials are great for expanding your music production knowledge base.

One of the first tutorials a beginner music producer should be looking at are about the DAW they've chosen. Each has their own interface and functionality. It's smart to really get to grips with all inbuilt features first before spending lots of money on plugins and hardware.

What Hardware does a music producer need?

By 25 February 2016 554 Views No comments

A home studio of a music producer requires many Hardware components to make beats. First one must research the right music production equipment for the chosen genre.

Here's an example list:

Synthesizer - a highly recommend synth is the Virus TI that costs around £1'700

Beat maker - one of the best brands are Akai, or simply the Machine 2.0. This costs around £200

Hardware for music production

By 25 February 2016 462 Views No comments

To work on music productions, you do need to purchase Hardware for your home studio. This includes a decent computer, synthesiser, audio interface, midi controller and a beat machine to name a few. Of course it all depends on your end goal, but this is a short list for an EDM producer. This costs a lot of research time and financial investment to get setup.

What Software do you need to produce music?

By 9 February 2016 418 Views No comments

What Software do you need to produce music?

As a music producer, it's key to start off with the right software for your needs. The first purchase you'll do is for the right DAW best suited to your genre e.g. House, Tech House, Deep House etc.

What is a music producer?

By 9 February 2016 449 Views No comments

A thousand people a month ask this question in Google alone. So let's take a look at "what is a music producer?" and try to explain what that job title entails.

Here at Producer Factory, we have under contract over 60 music producers who help our clients looking for Ghost Producers to boost their release portfolio. As common as this process is within the EDM industry, many DJs try to teach themselves the art of music production. But what is a music producer?

How to make EDM | EDM tutorials | Watch courses for free

By 8 February 2016 807 Views No comments

How to make EDM | EDM tutorials | Watch courses for free

EDM is a booming genre at its peak right now. It's one of the more commercial genres to jump right into and many of our customers opt for this style of custom track, along with Melbourne bounce and big room styles.

So how to make EDM in your home studio? Have you ever wanted to get a track up to the standards of the best? It's very unlikely you ever will unless decades of work and immense investments are made. However, you can always get to grips with the basics and some higher level tricks and tips by watching EDM tutorials for free. There are plenty to choose from in our make your own music section.