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Spinnin’ Records ghost productions | How can we get you on the biggest EDM labels?

By 16 September 2016 174 Views No comments

Spinnin’ Records ghost productions | How can we get you on the biggest EDM labels?

Many of our customers want to get onto the biggest EDM labels out there. This is of course understandable, so we’re busy working on ghost productions specifically made for Spinnin’ Records. What we have to always clarify to our customers is simply that the music is not the whole package in such cases. Mid range labels and smaller indie labels are luck to receive demo submissions of top quality tracks and would snatch them up in no time. For larger brands such as Revealed Records and Spinnin’ Records, there’s more to it. Here’s what Spinnin’ looks for in a DJ.

Maarten Vorwerk | EDM Ghost Producer for DVBBS and more

By 8 June 2016 1694 Views No comments

Maarten Vorwerk is an EDM Ghost Producer, who has produced tracks for the likes of DVBBS, Dmitri Vegas & Like Mike, Quintino, Danny Avila and more.

There is a Maarten Vorwerk interview about his approach and role as a Ghost Producer and experiences on a Portuguese publication by Wonderland In Rave.

As many of our readers aren’t fluent in Portuguese, we thought it best to write a short post about this.

The interview includes information about which DJs he worked with and for, segments about his career and ambitions and why he entered the ghost producing scene. We’ll break up this interview and add our own experience working with multiple EDM Ghost Producers to clarify some of his points and perceptions.

To summarise, Maarten Vorwerk has ghost produced many global hits, that you have heard to date. If you visit any major EDM festivals and events, you’ll be certain hear some tracks made by him. That’s something to bear in mind next time you’re admiring a live DJ set.

Progressive house music | Buy exclusive tracks

By 8 November 2015 711 Views No comments

Why would you want to buy exclusive tracks? There are plenty of Progressive House music songs for purchase to add to your DJ mix, right? I'm afraid not.

Exclusive tracks don't mean you're the only one who will add it to your DJ mix. Progressive House music from our DJ store offer you the chance to acquire a one off track to sell as your own. This is the main attraction towards our products. When purchasing a ghost production from our shop, you'll receive the WAV file and any added extra files such as the remix stems.

DJ shop | In-store ghost productions

By 1 November 2015 463 Views No comments

DJ shop | In-store ghost productions

Every DJ looks to release as many tracks as possible to boost recognition. How can you increase your release rate? Where can you find the best music productions? Well our DJ shop has music tracks you can buy in-store that include the distribution rights and more. These are called ghost productions.

When searching for the right DJ store to shop for ghost productions, keep quality in mind.

DJ song remix

By 1 November 2015 1140 Views No comments

5 questions about getting a DJ song remix released

Have you ever though about releasing a DJ song remix? Perhaps even wondered how to remix? There are lots of questions associated to remixing music songs if you haven't made one before. Not only questions related to how to remix, but also is it worth the time? Many remix stems don't come with full resale rights and this can hamper your income upon release.

Get your own DJ song now | 3 easy options

By 28 October 2015 515 Views No comments

When customers come to our store looking to get a DJ song now, we provide them with a solution. In this post, we'll take a look at how you can get a song for your DJ name right away, or one made to your liking. Our DJ store offers 3 easy ways to achieve this.

Option 1: use our in-store ghost productions to get your DJ song immediately. Simply browse the categories and music genres to find the right EDM track for you. It couldn't be easier than this. During your purchase to get a new DJ track, you'll have the opportunity to select which extra files you want with it.

EDM music producers online | Review DJ samples

By 25 October 2015 404 Views No comments

If you're looking for music producers online, don't forget to check out our array of expert sound designers. Audio producers such as Beachslap, Chris G, Will Vee and Luke are rare to come by. Each making their own spectacular style of EDM productions that you can buy exclusively.

Simply take a look around our store and find the right ghost productions for you. We've set it up so you can review the DJ samples of the track first, locate tracks that suit your DAW and price range as well. If you're interested in the details of the ghost production, then simply click on the name or photo and check out more info. EDM music producers are here for hire and found online.

Boost your EDM career | Ghost production service website

By 25 October 2015 741 Views No comments

Having an EDM career is tough work. Just don't expect miracles without any help. Teamwork is the way forward if you want a DJ career in EDM. Using our music production website you'll be ahead of the game. In hand you'll have the top quality EDM company in your hand. Having your DJ name generate attention whilst you're finding club DJ jobs or bookings is a vital component to any EDM career. Let's take a look at what our ghost producer services can offer you.

Custom ghost production: this by far is our most sought after music production service on our website. You can review and choose the right ghost producer suited to your EDM style. Then with one click, be led through all that's needed to help us get you the best EDM track production results you could dream of. We're talking serious chart topping quality your EDM career fans will not be able to ignore.