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3 steps | Making your own beats

By 25 October 2015 482 Views No comments

One of the issues that you as a DJ have today, is finding the time to make your own beats. With all the other aspects of a DJ career on your shoulders, being expected to release EDM tracks is sometimes too much. There is of course help out there in the form of ghost producers, but if you're adamant in making your own beats, then perhaps this blog post can help. Taking the first step to audio engineering and production of your own music beats is the biggest. The learning aspects massive. This is why I've broken it down for a clearer overview.

Online mixing and mastering service Producer Factory

By Producerfactory 2 September 2015 621 Views No comments

Online mixing and mastering service Producer Factory

We’re thrilled to announce that our online mixing and mastering service at Producer Factory is now online. Knowing how important it is to hand over your music productions to a professional mastering engineer before release. Sound design and audio mastering is a very important day to day service needed if you want to release high quality music tracks. The customers who buy tracks from you really expect flawless quality and it’s important you give them what they desire.

​New ghost producing website and mastering service is now online

By sandro junker 26 August 2015 498 Views No comments

New ghost producing website and mastering service is now online

Our ghost producing website has moving into it’s third generation of improvements. We’re happy to announce it has been released and better than ever. If you’re looking to hire a ghost producer or mastering engineer, then there’s no better place to come than Producer Factory. We focus only on top quality music productions and audio engineering. Though there are many new features being planned at the moment, we have decided to launch the new Producer Factory 3.0 early. The user friendliness couldn’t be more precisely adapt to our customer needs. With excellent service and music producer professionals, we’ve really got the team you need to make your DJ career the best it can be. Don’t just rely on average results, make sure that those who have topped the charts are helping you with your newest release.

We’ve always said that our ghost producers really help bring out the individuality of your DJ name and this generates a thorough attention and an increase in finding bookings.

Instrumental music | How to mix into your music production

By 25 June 2015 636 Views No comments

Instrumental music is difficult to mix and master into your music production and live sets. DJs do like performing instrumental tracks as it gives the original a twist and allows more focus on the creativity of the actual music.

Adding new elements into the music production is also a key factor to consider. Overall, the music track you bring out must be relatable, but have individuality that provides you as a DJ much recognition.