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Best remixes of 2014 | How bootlegs boost DJ careers

Best remixes of 2014 | How bootlegs boost DJ careers
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The best remixes always originate from top quality original tracks. Our selection for 2014 include many track components that aren't even out of the same decade the bootleg is released. Remixes are mainly defined as album fillers and are edited, cut, shaped, or suited to a new genre than its original one. All the best remixed tracks are made from already famous ones, whether at the time they were made, or from relevant tracks of today.

The top remixes appear to give the artist a lot of positive feedback, by drawing attention and resonance from the music industry.

Some consider these to be album fillers, however the truth sometimes is very different. Some remixes can even rate higher than the original tracks of the artist in question. Therefore remixes are great to gain recognition and support from your fans and employers. Within the music industry and as an EDM DJ Producer, your employers range from Record Labels, distributors and DJ booking agencies.

Providing top quality bootleg remixes, not only gives you more attention for your alias, but it also allows you to expand your market reach. Consumers are always in love with cool and well made remixes, as they enjoy the catchy leads, melodies and baselines that the original well-known track has.

So what should you focus on when making a remix? It certainly is vital to pick the right music track to remix. There are many a diamond in the rough, these are just there to be found and then turned into a modern and extraordinary audio production masterpiece.

One of the best remixes in 2014 admittedly is the Martin Garrix recreation of Animals. This just shows exactly how the top remixes can originate.

  1. Choosing the right original track for you.
  2. Gaining access to the remix stems.
  3. Apply your producing skills and knowledge, as well as talent and inspiration.

You may think Martin Garrix is already very famous. When being played throughout national radio again and again for months on end, not only is tiring for the listener, but branding is nonetheless solidified and secured.

If you're wondering how to remix a song in Ableton for example, then check out the linked post.

Remixes can help brand your DJ name and become identifiable by a signature sound. Sometimes a successful remix is usually more easy to achieve compared to an original track. This certainly does however depend on who is making the original track. At Producer Factory we have fantastic music producers who will be able to create excellent original tracks. Maybe you're looking for a signature sound for your brand name? We will work with you on creating a recognisable style and then successfully delivering your final music production.

Best remixes are challenging to make

Being able to create the best remix ever is not only a challenge, but if you're not able to produce, then you're quite stuck. At any level, music producing is not a simple task. This is why we recommend that you contract or hire Ghost Producers to take over the remixing task.

Due to the value top quality bootlegs can bring to the table, it is certainly not a risk you should be willing to take, or a chance you should throw away. It may be best to take the time to gather the correct remix stems for your projects and future projects.

As mentioned earlier, remixing the correct track is already half the battle won. Though many underestimate the power of remixes, signature melodies that have been played all around the world are certainly something significant to focus on and bring to your fan base. So, maybe it is time to focus on creating the your own remix and reach the charts to be a successful DJ. Though this may seem daunting, Producer Factory and our highly experienced Ghost Producers are here to help. Our audio engineers have created remixes for top names throughout the industry within many genres, you're certainly in the right hands when you're accommodated by our Remix Service.

Simply contact our customer service team, provide us with the remix stems and a plan, and we will get back to you with news and updates on how best to proceed together.