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The best DJ tracks are made by Ghost Producers

The best DJ tracks are made by Ghost Producers
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The best DJ tracks are made by Ghost Producers

This may or may not come as a surprise to you, but the best DJ tracks released by the stars of today are made by Ghost Producers. We have plenty of high profile clients who of course we won't name using our music production services. It's normal. The industry is starting to see that it's not possible to keep the negative attitude towards ghost producing alive any longer. And why should they?

The last few with self-bound eyes and lacking brain power are holding a last stand against ghost producing. However through DJs coming clean and probably more likely music producers coming clean, it's apparent that Ghost Producers are integral for the industry to thrive and survive as it does. The best music tracks are either produced with no input from the name put on the track, or made in a teamwork scenario. Either way there's nothing wrong about this at all. Is it cheating?

No it's certainly not, it's business. Any DJ with any sense will comprehend that learning to DJ and getting club DJ jobs as often as possible to balance the checks is vital. Much more so than investing $15'000 in a new home music studio and on top of that, another 10 years of figuring out how to produce music. All this to follow a passion of DJing?

The best sound tracks are simple ghost produced and that's obvious beyond any doubt. Take it from us who have been selling these for over 3 years now. We've helped DJs release some of the best DJ tracks today that have topped the charts and boosted DJ careers.

Do you want to DJ, or know how to produce music?

For this question, similarities can be drawn. Let's take a look a few for fun...

Do you want to pilot a plane, or design the aircraft?
Is your aim to sell branded bread, or grow wheat?
Would you like to invent new products, or market them?

In affect, the examples above mirror the same decision as to whether you want to be the best DJ you can be, or produce new tracks. One doesn't work without the other yes hit as easily interchanged as you may think.

Many music producers don't want to be onstage and posted on flyers. They want to make the best DJ tracks out there and then find a way for the world to enjoy them. Now with ghost production available, they have a chance to earn money whilst following their choice and career path.

Get your music for DJing if you want to be famous

DJs are born entertainers and love the thrill of being onstage, pleasing a crowd and changing original tracks into exciting mixes. To do this they need music for DJing and their own releases to get signed to labels and promote their name. Without a Ghost Producer to work with, a DJ will never achieve greatness within the industry.

So take a bit of time to consider this and then readjust your priorities as a DJ or music producer. Only rarely can one be both, but that is too rare to be considered the norm. It's never black and white. But if you want to be the best DJ and release top quality tracks worthy of the charts, then either find a ghost production in our store, or hire a music producer to make one to your specifications.