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Beat maker music stems and vocal samples

Beat maker music stems and vocal samples
By Producerfactory 14 September 2015 618 Views No comments

Beat maker music stems and vocal samples

Now new to Producer Factory, you can get your Beat Maker music stems and vocal samples custom made by our Session Musicians. Creating a DJ signature sound is key for your next release of DJ mix songs. In an EP it’s wise that your fans can recognise your music without having to read the cover or DJ name. I’m sure you’re into buying sample packs with al the sounds you need to create your music. If however you don’t want to have all the same stuff as everyone else, then now you can get your own custom sample stems made exclusively. This will be a onetime purchase order from a Session Musician at Producer Factory and then with demos and comments guiding our team to your goal, you’ll have the perfect music stem to add to your sound bank. This can include vocal samples made to your specifications and perhaps even a cool world instrument stem? We have it all and our Session Musicians here to help fill up your custom music stem sound bank are the best who have worked with the famous and will now work with you.

How to get your Beat maker music made exclusively

All you need to do is follow a simple process list that offers you a risk free process of gaining more exclusive sounds and samples for your next DJ release. DJ name generators like this are key to successful and individual releases that put your mark on the industry radar. With custom vocals and elements to boost your music, you’re on the right track to staying fresh and interesting. Don’t miss out by simply using the second best option and let our professional Session Musicians make the right layer for you using our safe and secure service. Producer Factory is proud to present our Session Musician process to fill your sample music library with exclusive top quality sounds and samples.

  1. Fill out the custom music stem form and let us know what you have in mind. To complete this best, please review our Session Musician profiles to ensure the right artist for your sound bank is chosen. Via these profiles and accessing the custom music stem form, the majority will be autocompleted for your convenience.
  2. After sending us the form, we’ll get a quote for the individual task from the studio artist. We’ll then return to you with the fee for the exclusive custom Beat maker music stem. Once accepted, we’ll collect the fee to be frozen and begin the process.

  3. You’ll then receive the demos or final version depending on the Session Musician chosen and all the files associated with your custom music stem.

best DJ songs all originate from such tactics and they can of course include old sample layers owned by major labels, but sadly the majority can’t access these. The cost of use would be too high for most. So, here you have the chance to create your own and stand out from the masses. Don’t wait around and waste your time on the lower DJ levels anymore and be the best you can. Present your sound design idea to our Session Musicians and get or Beat maker music recorded to your request.

How to use the custom music stem and vocal samples

Vocal samples are easily implemented into your DJ songs using any music recording software. Putting and slicing it to the right place isn’t too difficult, but we have our Ghost Producers to help if you need. They’ll place your vocal samples perfectly into your next DJ songs with perfection. The remastering can also be done here at Producer Factory so I recommend when you’re planing a custom music stem, to bulk up the work so you can save money and time. Online mixing and mastering services can be a huge help to get the most out of your DJ songs. Don’t underestimate what our mastering engineers can do such as Beachslap.

If you simply wish to assign a new custom music stem to your Beat machine pads, then go ahead and do that. Each pad will provide you with the right element of your sound bank being played upon activation. You can even have exclusive samples made by our Session Musicians, include vocals for your live set. Why not bring something new along to your booking and show your fans how you can live mix skilfully and full of original and entertaining features. Knowing that only you have these custom music stems and vocal samples is a huge boost for any DJ songs released. It’s a marketing technique creating your signature sound and now you can truly make the most of it.

We hope you enjoy working with our Session Musician team

Enjoy working with our Session Musician team and we hope that providing you with your new sample sounds will be a huge boost to be a DJ name generator and lift your DJ songs to the next level. Don't underestimate individuality and let us help you create the best DJ songs for your next batch of releases. If you need any assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.