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January 2016

​How to make electronic music | DAW tutorials | Production Hardware discussions

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How to make electronic music is something many new producers ask | Check out how to video tutorials in our new course section

When you decide to begin learning how to produce electronic music as a hobby or even a profession, then there are many tricks and facts you need to learn. The first thing is of course getting your studio set up correctly to create an optimal music production environment. After that it’s all about which DAW is right for you and the hardware equipment you need to boost your chances of improving that environment and help you succeed in your productions.

Our new: how to make music video tutorial section is now available for your use, and it’s 100% free.

Get your online DJ career started today

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DJ online and join in contests to show you're the best | Get your online DJ career started today!

DJs have a tough time standing out. Well so you'd think. There are so many ways to get you DJ name generating interest, it's a shame if you miss out on even one of the points I'll list.

Let's take a look at how online DJs go about getting fans and followers. Remember, fans and followers equals power in the music industry and that can help get you a guaranteed record label deal. Join remix comps and DJ online with streaming options to make the most of the Internet infrastructure as a DJ.

Which music production course is best | Top 3 schools

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Which music production course is best | Top 3 schools | New free video section is now available

Learning to make your own electronic music is no easy task. There are so many paths to consider and so many ways to be led astray. Music producing requires an artistic character, imaginative personality and a person with solid amounts of endurance and capacity for learning. If you feel you don't have any one if these, then it's best to leave music production be.