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December 2015

EDM DJ producer

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EDM has been crowded, with the greatest names following their record label requests and teaming up with DJs. Now DJs became the stars of today and at trend is still continuing. So now more than ever, releasing your own music tracks has become a key feature of success.

More and more DJs try to climb to the top, but the consumer industry is really hampering progress. His in turn is allowing more control by major record labels, which is precisely what Producer Factory is fighting to limit.

What does EDM (Electronic Dance Music) stand for?

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Definition of EDM is Electronic Dance Music. This is a key term within the electronic music industry. For a decade, EDM has run wild within the business and began to fill in gaps of other longer lasting and dying genres. Electronic dance music began to find its way into hip hop and other genres slowing down such as electro house and house. Admittedly, house is recent, but the effect has been the same.

What is a DJ pool and which is best?

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A DJ pool is a collection of DJs who put their tracks up for free or a small charge. Then how does this differ from a normal music distribution platform? The difference is simply that a record pool is for DJs to connect and communicate with each other. The added benefit of building a strong amount of music for DJing purposes allows one to stay up to date with the newest releases. Offer your thoughts and constructive criticism as well as network with other producers and DJs.

DJ pools, also known as record pools, are a good way to stay on top of your game. But if you don't have releases, how can you join a DJ pool? Do you miss out on all these benefits? Yes you do.

DJ blog at Producer Factory

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DJ blog at Producer Factory

Our DJ blog has helped thousands find the right piece of info they need to get that extra boost needed for their DJ career. Sometimes trying to get noticed is a tough process, but rest assured, help is near. Our blog for DJs and forums offer tips and tricks as well as clear insight into the DJing world. Learn how to DJ and produce music, get to know the benefits of ghost production and find the right path for your DJ name.

How to get signed to a record label

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How to get signed to a record label

One of the biggest challenges for DJs is finding a way to getting signed by record labels. It's one of those long term time investments that usually ends in disappointment. The negative decline by a dream record label can really take he momentum out of a DJ career. Everyone knows that getting a release is the best exposure a DJ can have. So how to get around the question, how to get signed to a record label?

Music producer and DJ forums | Producer Factory

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Music producer and DJ forums | Producer Factory

New to the Producer Factory is the addition of a music producer and DJ forum. Now you have a chance to enter or begin general discussions, talk to good professional music producers and show off your DJ mixes and sets. Offering our community the chance to anonymously contact each other and freely get advice, trade techniques and tricks, grow confident in establishing a collaboration and much more. Our new DJ and music producer forum welcomes all at any level, who are working hard to make the most of their DJ career. Let’s take a look at the categories we have so far.

Music production service website | How it came to be | Producer Factory

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Music production service website | How it came to be | Producer Factory

Producer Factory is the original web-shop that sells ghost productions off-the-shelf to DJs since 12/06/2013. Any purchase includes the rights to the music track, allowing the buyer to place their DJ name in the credits and claim it as their own. To many people this was not a favourable music production service to encounter online. Strengthened by recent declarations of top names using ghost producers, Producer Factory begun to rub salt in the wounds of the EDM industry. This might be a reason what the following scenario began to play out.