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November 2015

The difference between independent (indie) record labels and major record companies

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The difference between independent (indie) record labels and major record companies

Independent record labels have existed forever and were the first companies to collectively sign groups of artists into channels for efficient networking and distribution. However most indie music labels have not got their own publishing house or distribution agencies to give your releases the kick they need. Some record labels don't even get onto Beatport. With is in mind, do your research first about who you're releasing with, the independent record company could be a single person working in a basement. That lack of manpower and networking won't get you awards or a chart topping status.

How best to contact record labels and what should I include in the E-mail?

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Contacting record labels is part of the everyday life of a DJ. Not only contacting them, but also getting declined and rarely accepted. If accepted it's usually to their last choice of music label.

So, how should you go about contacting record companies?

It's best to contact these establishments by E-mail. E-mail is very trustworthy and is reflected by some time reviewing them. You have to understand that these music labels receive tens if not hundreds of release requests a day. Your aim is then to stand out from the masses.

What is an EP and how can I make, sell and release one?

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An EP is a bundle of around 3 tracks made by a single music producer or multiple artists. These are a preferred choice of many DJs out there, as 3 songs is always better that a single one. EPs are regularly found on platforms like Beatport and iTunes. The costs of an EP vary greatly and is largely dependant on the distribution agencies and record labels.

Looking for music producers | Find them here

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Looking for music producers | Find them here

After much research about looking for music producers, we found a place where you can hire them to work with you or for you. This music production website is ProducerFactory.

The task of making your own beats is hard enough when you want to just DJ. So large investments to simply get your name our there by releasing tracks is crazy. The music industry also seems to regard this proactive music production with music producers for hire as fraudulent. To consider this as such is unjust. A DJ needs to focus on their own career as an entertainer and not an artist. We fully support this approach and more and more of the music world is coming to terms about this process being ingrained.

New DJ music | Buy your own track

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Every top DJ knows that finding new music can be tough. There's a lot to choose from, but when all are buying from the top 100 charts, then how can you stand out? Basically every DJ will have the same playlist and that is no fun for the fans. The question remains then, why choose you as their favourite DJ? It comes down to what new DJ music you release into the market.

So, what does this mean? Well simply put, to be original and different you have to produce your own music. This is what the industry expects of you, apparently. So on top of having to learn to DJ and achieve the skills matching pro you're expected to know how to produce music. On top you have to invest in hardware and software. Spend all your hard earned DJing income on a decade of music production. In a way they are right. Releasing your own DJ songs is key to getting your brand established. However, there is another way to buying tracks you can sell. Visit our store and find your own track today.

The best DJ tracks are made by Ghost Producers

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This may or may not come as a surprise to you, but the best DJ tracks released by the stars of today are made by Ghost Producers. We have plenty of high profile clients who of course we won't name using our music production services. It's normal. The industry is starting to see that it's not possible to keep the negative attitude towards ghost producing alive any longer. And why should they?

The last few with self-bound eyes and lacking brain power are holding a last stand against ghost producing. However through DJs coming clean and probably more likely music producers coming clean, it's apparent that Ghost Producers are integral for the industry to thrive and survive as it does. The best music tracks are either produced with no input from the name put on the track, or made in a teamwork scenario. Either way there's nothing wrong about this at all. Is it cheating?

Progressive house music | Buy exclusive tracks

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Why would you want to buy exclusive tracks? There are plenty of Progressive House music songs for purchase to add to your DJ mix, right? I'm afraid not.

Exclusive tracks don't mean you're the only one who will add it to your DJ mix. Progressive House music from our DJ store offer you the chance to acquire a one off track to sell as your own. This is the main attraction towards our products. When purchasing a ghost production from our shop, you'll receive the WAV file and any added extra files such as the remix stems.

Music production website | Buy and sell in 3min​

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There's only one music production website that can get you your top quality release in under 3 minutes, as well as the files you want. It's never been more easy to buy music productions off the shelf and release them via your DJ alias. Generating likes, sales, followers and much more, releases are what the professional DJs use to keep the fans eye on them.

Have you ever released a track? Do you think that a DJ should be the producer instead of making money accepting club DJ jobs? If yes, then sadly you'll be stuck in the rut you are. If no, then welcome to Producer Factory and our music production website. Let's see what we encompass that's interesting for you.