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September 2015

Session Vocalists and Musicians work for hire

By 28 September 2015 1043 Views 1 comment

Our new section “Session Musicians” is now online. Finally we have found those handful of musicians and vocalists who are world renowned. This service will offer you the option to hire Session Musicians of your choice to add a custom layer to your track. Buying samples is one way about adding pre-recorded elements, but sadly you can’t custom make a sample when buying a pack. Now the choice and freedom is yours to enjoy. If you feel your music production needs a female vocal layer to add that special something, then you can hire our vocalists and enjoy a fat layer to make your track memorable. It’s so easy you won’t ever look to sample packs again to fit your style.

Electro House music producer | Tech House ghost producer

By ProducerFactory 26 September 2015 1013 Views No comments

Don’t look too far if you’re wanting to find the right music producer for you. We have plenty of talented and experienced ghost producers ready to take on any task. If you’re looking for an Electro House Ghost Producer, then you’ve found the right place. Our Electro House category is booming right now. With most fully booked, prices are souring for custom ghost productions. However, the Tech House ghost producer section is rather quite right now. We anticipate a lot of action to occur here in the next month within our Tech House ghost production section and hence I recommend you find music producers now and even pre-book for next month.

DJ like a pro | EDM DJ songs | Need a music producer

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Producer Factory offers you services that a pro DJ cannot ignore. To be the best and become that DJ you want to, with fans and jobs at the ready, you need to put in a lot of work. We can help you with that. Not unlike any business, your DJ name must generate attention and capture a fan base. As with every professional DJ, marketing is a key component. There are various types of marketing you can approach to start showing off your DJing best. First there's the social marketing aspect. Covering Twitter and Facebook as well as other channels is key. The importance of getting it right from the beginning is vital. So let's start there.

DJ name generating and branding is the first step you should undertake. Ensuring that your DJ alias is free of any association of an existing DJ pro. Perhaps before starting, take a look at this post about DJ name generators.

How to DJ like a pro

By Producerfactory 15 September 2015 2924 Views 1 comment

Read this to learn how to DJ like the best

In this article, you’ll get to learn how to DJ. For many people, DJing is a passion and something that has always just remained a dream. There really is no reason why it should be a dream and not become reality. So we hope that after reading this, you’ll not only feel confident to become a DJ, but also have the motivation to turn your new hobby into a DJing career. With all the DJ tricks in the book, you’ll have the info you need to be the best. This is not an understatement and simply follow the points accurately and you’ll be well on your way to making your dream become true.

EDM music production software for your home recording studio

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EDM music production software for your home recording studio

If you’re interested in producing EDM music using your home recording studio, then you may be firstly considering what software program DAW you want to use right? Well there’s many to choose from and all have their advantages and disadvantages for EDM production. Some more than ever. When you look into finding the right music production software for you, then you’ll find many answers that won’t truly help you further. This isn’t anything to get frustrate about, because the truth is simple. For EDM production any of the list below are suitable for you. It simply comes down to which interface you prefer to use in your music production studio. Taste is important here. If you’re a beginner at EDM production, then take a look at the most user-friendly option for you. FL Studio or Ableton maybe a great way to begin your music production career.

Vocalists for hire so find the right session vocals for you

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When listening to the DJ songs out there that reach the charts and become world class hits, there’s usually one clear cut feature that all share. It’s the vocal samples used that really stand out an give the music track it’s individual touch. As a DJ, I’m sure you’ve been exploring how to hire a vocalist and get your music tracks more recognisable and individual. If you’re not attached to a label owning the rights and royalties to a bank of top quality vocals, then perhaps you can find the answer to your needs here at Producer Factory. Our session vocalists here have worked with top quality music talents and worldwide phenomenons.

Beat maker music stems and vocal samples

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Beat maker music stems and vocal samples

Now new to Producer Factory, you can get your Beat Maker music stems and vocal samples custom made by our Session Musicians. Creating a DJ signature sound is key for your next release of DJ mix songs. In an EP it’s wise that your fans can recognise your music without having to read the cover or DJ name. I’m sure you’re into buying sample packs with al the sounds you need to create your music. If however you don’t want to have all the same stuff as everyone else, then now you can get your own custom sample stems made exclusively. This will be a onetime purchase order from a Session Musician at Producer Factory and then with demos and comments guiding our team to your goal, you’ll have the perfect music stem to add to your sound bank. This can include vocal samples made to your specifications and perhaps even a cool world instrument stem? We have it all and our Session Musicians here to help fill up your custom music stem sound bank are the best who have worked with the famous and will now work with you.

Music recording software and which one for your home studio is best

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Music recording software and which one for your home studio is best

There is a big list of various software for recording music to choose from. A difficult question to address is which one is best for you? It all really comes down to what you wanted to use the music program for? There are multiple components of a music recording program that you may want to balance out to get the most out of the DAW to be compatible for your needs. This blog will look at those various attributes and features, the different music recording software and which is the right one for each specific use. As all music programs have various combinations of strengths, we hope that this blog will help you decide which DAW is best and why our ghost producers, session musicians and mastering engineers love to use different ones.