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June 2015

Instrument samples | How they can improve your music productions

By 28 June 2015 573 Views No comments

Instruments Samples for music production are favoured by many. DJs understand the power that instruments can bring to their releases. The music producers who create the music tracks with instruments integrated have a trial to achieve the perfect result. Many years ago, instrument synths were mostly used during the majority of productions. This was perfectly acceptable and in. As time goes on and the listeners ear becomes keenly aware about the lack of quality compared to the live instruments, then this becomes the preferred.

FX are know as sound effects | How to use them

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FX also known as sound effects are most likely one of the most enjoyable music sample types to research when producing music. The array of sounds from the introduction of electronic music up until now has vastly grown. You can also clearly see how the culture and era of music pushed the evolution of sound effects or FX sample databases.

For example, if you watch the Terminator and then play the old game Unreal on your PC, you'll notice that many sound effects are actually the same. As we all know, the film industry had it first, then the gaming and once successfully integrated, then it's time for music and advertisement to follow.

Drum samples | Add power to your music productions

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Drum samples for music production are used consistently within most new releases today. With sample manufacturers always bringing out excellent sample loops or singles that can be added to your midi controller and database, you’re set for your next music production. Drum samples are commonly the most used in the sample industry.

With thousands of downloads and purchases of music drum samples a month, the sample industry is booming illegally and a bit legally.

Vocal samples | How to make music productions unique

By Producer Factory 27 June 2015 1237 Views No comments

Vocal samples are used by many producers in their music productions to add that final recognisable feature to their song. Many music producers use samples for various categories to complete their tracks and newest release.

Vocal samples are one of the most sought after type of samples out there. This is a main reason why we use a free vocal sample pack as an attractive reason to sign up to our newsletter. The Electronic Art of Voice is a bestseller and topped the sales charts on multiple sample stores. We think that providing it for free to our customers is a nice gesture. You can get your top quality vocal sample pack as well.

DJ mixers, which is best | Numark DM2002X Pro Master

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A mixer is a tool used for DJ sets and mixes.

1. Loading multiple tracks into the DJ mixer is the first thing one must do.

2. The DJ then uses the mixer to create an overlap of two different tracks.

3. This overlap created generates a whole new sound and ambience of the known tracks.

DJs use mixers to add originality to their transitions between tracks. At some point of course, the playing track is going to end and silence is not acceptable at a party. For this reason, the prepared up and coming track next on the playlist must be brought in seamlessly. DJ mixers help the performer keep the flow of their DJ set going.

Some tactics are swift transitions by simply quickly jumping into the next track at the right time e.g. a drop or after a bridge. This can generate quite an effect for the crowd and usually results in many cheers when mixed well.

Free music online offered by DJs | A smart move

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Free music online offered by DJs is good marketing. It is something that many fans seek. When we researched this key phrase, we found that an very large amount of people look to download free music every month. So how can you benefit from this as a DJ?

1. Well considering that there is much interest in gaining free music online, then you can perhaps consider grasping some of this traffic onto your platforms.

2. If you have a DJ website or profile online, perhaps advertising this feature is not a bad thing to do. If you don’t then hang in there and we will make this available for you.

3. Don’t risk loosing out on potential fans by stocking up on sellable DJ assets and give some of your music away for free.

Offer free music to download | Marketing tips for DJs

By 26 June 2015 444 Views No comments

Offering free music to download is beneficial for DJs. Enjoying free music whether it be through Youtube streaming, through Apple music, iTunes or one of the many downloading or streaming platforms out there, is a favourite thing for your fans to do.

Fans love to download free music, and why shouldn’t they? Fans get to listen to their favourite artists, create epic playlists for any occasion and all for either a fraction of the cost of an album or nothing at all.

The downloading culture that we have today within the music industry has been blamed for many a loss of revenue and could be argued to have made ‘making it’ as an online DJ harder than ever before. However, by fans downloading your music, free or otherwise will create and boost your popularity worldwide promoting your DJ music and gain you status within your genre and the music community.

Music downloads for your DJ profile | Get more tracks

By 26 June 2015 540 Views No comments

Music downloads for your DJ profile made available for your fans both free or for sale is a great way to capture the musical passion of many. Having your own tracks to distribute and sell, or offer for free is a hugely important part of a DJ online presence.

DJs rarely release their own tracks as music downloads or otherwise. So bringing out your own DJ music under your own name will help you move forwards in leaps and bounds. We always talk about separating yourself from anybody else and this is one way forward.

Music downloads have many benefits and basically no negatives. So jump on in and get your own track custom produced now.