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October 2014

Electronic Dance Music | Ghost Producer RandomStar

By ProducerFactory 3 October 2014 439 Views No comments

RandomStar and why he started ghost producing at Producer Factory

Well, I am Randomstar. I live in Finland and I'm 23 years old. I've been producing electronic dance music for a few years now. Haven't really kept count, but close to 5 now I think. Before that I was into thrash metal and played guitar for 10 years, so I've had my time with music I guess.

I spent a couple of years just messing around in the music business and releasing tracks through distribution services on my own and just tried to find my own thing in the whole mess. Then indie labels started to notice me and I got some ''real'' releases under my belt. Then I met and befriended ''Haltya'' a Finnish electro producer who's been producing since the 90's. I tried to help him run his own little indie label and he helped me a lot with my own music productions and he's a big reason why I'm writing this.