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September 2014

Music production service Producer Factory post by Joris Voorn

By ProducerFactory 16 September 2014 1226 Views No comments

Music production service website Producer Factory has attracted attention from the likes of Joris Voorn and Wankelmut who have posted about Producer Factory on their fan page. Terry Matthew's attention has also been captured and an article about the website has been created. This released an unexpected chain reaction and the article was shared over 1500 times on Facebook in a few hours. In a short while the website was spread throughout numerous Blog sites, Forums, Facebook-shares, Twitter-posts and information platforms where they did their digital rounds.

This unexpected full-blown attention completely overran us and was strengthened by the negative views of many individuals including tough remarks and hate slogans such as, "Burn in hell" or "Happy suicides". Producer Factory is a Swiss based brand initiated only by a few Forum entries on our part that managed to establish a name over night. The 20 Minuten newspaper, one of the largest print mediums in Switzerland, has already written an article about Producer Factory on the Nightlife platform Tilllate.

We would like to have the chance to voice our side of the story

In the name of Producer Factory we would like to have the chance to voice our side of the story to the music enthusiasts.

As previously mentioned we were overrun and overwhelmed by the flood of attention Producer Factory attracted caused by a few Forum entries. We never could have imagined Producer Factory would cause such hype within the Internet EDM (Electronic Dance Music) community. Our intentions have always been to create a platform for the music producer, the true artist, where we offer the chance for them to earn some extra to push their own DJ career onwards and upwards. Every active music ghost producer knows how expensive the acquisition of studio equipment is, especially when you are talking about the hardware. The focal point of Producer Factory is to allow the ghost producer the chance to fill in the deficit the Digitalisation of music has caused. "Producer Factory is clearly on the side of the producer".

On top of this the movement away from the Vinyl Records has completely changed the structure of the music market. Where historically perhaps a few hundred records a day were introduced into the market, today there are thousands of mp3 tracks are being uploaded to download-shops ready to be sold. This results in the artist only reaching their goal of excelling the competition by providing a recognizable music style, consistency, diligence, staying power and certainly also accurate investment of the capital available.

The above-described philosophy we follow, has now been understood by many talented music producers. This statement has been enforced by the delivery of top quality tracks by music producers to Producer Factory with the intention of being sold. These true artists know that releasing one track is not enough to establish oneself in the music scene.

Producer Factory services also have the intention to widen the wonderful spectrum of music, by getting perfectly produced and excellent music tracks out into the scenes including EDM that otherwise would be collecting dust on a talented music producers hard drive due to their Alias not providing that exact style and hence releasing this would harm their consistency mentioned earlier. Music is here to be heard and the more the merrier.

How to remix a song | Ableton and FL Studio steps

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How to remix a song is not really a high tech and difficult process. However, being able to remix a song to a level of high quality and excellence is not easy and requires years of experience as a music producer. Producer Factory is here to always offer anyone the music production assistance they need by professionals. If you’re looking to remix a song on your own, then hopefully this list of tips and tricks about remixing will help. We’ll be looking at how you can approach this task in various programs such as Ableton, FL Studio, Logic and Cubase. Each DAW has different features and procedures when looking and remixing in detail, but overall the proceedings are similar as shown below.

Remix songs made to win | This is how you can stand out

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For an EDM DJ producer, it is very important to stand out from the masses of Artists out there today. One way is to remix songs that people know well and are popular. Famous DJ entertainers commonly use very popular songs to remix.

Avicii for example remade and remixed the song “Hey Brother” and made it his own. The benefits of remix songs that were popular and now old, are that no one within the fan base of your artist name usually knows the original track , but the effect of the well designed track remains. Many Hip Hop artists as well love to use and sample old popular and melodic songs to boost how unique and recognisable their music becomes.

Remix wanted for a contest | Our Ghost Producers can help you

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Remixing for customers is one of our main jobs alongside creating new tracks in various genres. When a customer has the desire to enter a remix competition or contest, they usually contact us with a request for a remix production. Many DJs then decide to let our music producers put their skills to the test, as we have professionals with over 15 years of experience within the music industry. As they put their DJ name on the line, all entries are confident, yet nervous as it's their DJ name and face on the remix entered. Some tracks sound great, until you put it next to a really professional music production that shows up all the flaws in your remix entry. This of course makes them nervous and understandably so if they have face to save.

Ghost producer partner | Now 20% off!

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Find your ghost producing partner now for 20% off. Start a working relationship that lets you focus on and have what’s important to your DJ career. This includes providing your fans with top quality music tracks, performing marketing to get your alias known, work on increasing your sales and bookings to earn the money you need. Our music producers and more than perfect for getting you onto your dream Record Label.

Simply define to us your style and request using example links and descriptions and sit back and relax, whilst our ghost producers make your track to your specifications and now for 20% off on most of our products today.

Music producer | Ghost production contracting

By ProducerFactory 10 September 2014 617 Views No comments

Have you ever wanted to increase your release rate, build up your music track portfolio, or enter a remix contest? Perhaps you would prefer to have some assistance and advice when building your set? Well our ghost producers at Producer Factory are here to help. Every DJ and music producing talents are welcome to come and benefit from our fast growing service. We too are surprised at the magnitude Producer Factory has achieved. Not only we are happy with the results, but our music producers are as well. The only way this could become true, is if our customers are pleased with the results our top producers bring to the table.

Music producer skills provide individuality | How to benefit smartly as a DJ

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Our music producers have offered many DJs the ability to become individual. As customer numbers increase at Producer Factory, it is becoming more apparent to us that it is vital for DJs to become individual with a style of music. This is no surprise, as this is certainly the most effective method for DJs become well known.

Our goal is always to create a style of music that would fit the DJs request. It is difficult for music producers to create individual styles and it is and is vital that we only offer the best services for customers. As we see more and more success coming out of our services, it is obvious that the skill of our ghost producers offer DJs the individuality they require.

As more of our customers become joined to good record labels, our pride in our service grows. Music producers chosen for a custom track purpose are always the best out of the selection. To become a custom track music producer, we request the ability to trust them, they must be able to finish the track in a timely fashion, realise and understand the style request from our customers and also be able to reproduce these following the customer comments.