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September 2014

How to be a successful DJ | Info and Tips

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How to be a successful DJ?

Firstly, it has always been known that major DJs and singers don’t have time or even the ability to sit in a music studio and produce their own music. Not only would it not be feasible, but it wouldn’t make business sense either. With such a large fan base, they have to remain on top of providing the fans with new material including remix songs, social media entertainment and live performances. Why? Well this is how the Act and Record Label make money and get their income to balance the books.

Remix mp3 songs | How you can get yours made professionally

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Remix mp3 songs made professionally

Remix mp3 songs are found in masses within the music industry. Few are very good and worth listening to, whereas the majority of the remix mp3 tracks really are lacking imagination. Remix productions can make a large difference in your chances for recognition. Some may say remixing tracks is an easy task, we think it's difficult and could be beneficial if you would get one done professionally for a remix contest for example.

Our top of the range professional Ghost Producers will ensure your mp3s are ready for release and distribution. With world class production and recording studios at your service and a wide range of genres covered by our top quality music producers, Producer Factory could not offer you a greater chance of moving your DJ career up to the top levels.

All top of the range DJs that are know throughout the globe need a strong and capable team to assist their success. We're here to be your team you need to ensure the highest quality remix tracks possible are released under your DJ name.

We want to help you succeed and as the processes are clear as to how this is possible. The greats have defined the methods and now they are open to everyone. Our Remix Service will help you win competitions often get you found by music labels looking for the gem in the rough. Maybe you are that next gem?

Either way, it best you prepare for this opportunity if you are serious about reaching the levels of the best. If you have the motivation, DJ skills and endurance. Then it's time you made sure you have the remix and music productions to back this up. The music and remix mp3s released in your next EP or Single are your gateway to the fans. They define your success along with many manipulative strategies. These strategies however won't work if you don't have the music to back it.

Consider having remix mp3 music made professionally

So now it's time to consider having remix mp3 tracks made professionally according to your style and genre of music. Your input is always welcome and our music remix producers will be happy to assist, as well as accommodate your request and specifications.

Don't the the next remix contest or completion slip you by whilst you watch others climb and succeed. Surely it must be your turn.

Benefit from 15 years experience remixing songs

Our top of the class music producers at Producer Factory can help you benefit from 15 years experience remixing mp3 tracks. Ghost produced releases are a common occurrence in the industry. Why should you not benefit from the same tools and methods the stars of today do?

Remix contests can get you signed | Learn how

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Remix contests can challenge your music production abilities. Entering a remix contest is an effective way to present your skills. Starting with remix stems and producing something fantastic can be a very rewarding.

Turning an original track into something refreshing and new is certainly no easy task. Music producers have always used remix contests to show off their skills, or practice their abilities and see what the general consensus about their audio production is. Feedback from the general public can be daunting, but don't forget that those who don't offer constructive criticism probably can't make anything worth listening to anyways.

How to remix | Easy to follow steps to planning your bootleg

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1. How to remix a song step 1

How to remix a song begins with choosing good audio editing software, within your digital audio workstation aka DAW, you can begin to add the audio files that build up the original track. The original audio files may comprise of vocals, various sound effects, a violin melody or any other instrument.

Simply make sure that all these remix stems and individual audio layers.

Depending on which software you are using to remix a song, some may allow you to perform more difficult tasks such as editing the tempo of the original track, or even autotune vocals and do pitch correction. Pretty much all the later mentioned audio software platforms will allow you to slice the files, reverse the Waveforms and even stretch the timing of the various remix stems to mould them to your preferred genre.

Best remixes of 2014 | How bootlegs boost DJ careers

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The best remixes always originate from top quality original tracks. Our selection for 2014 include many track components that aren't even out of the same decade the bootleg is released. Remixes are mainly defined as album fillers and are edited, cut, shaped, or suited to a new genre than its original one. All the best remixed tracks are made from already famous ones, whether at the time they were made, or from relevant tracks of today.

The top remixes appear to give the artist a lot of positive feedback, by drawing attention and resonance from the music industry.

Remix stems for your project needed

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Remix stems are recommended for our music producers to work with

Music producer Will Vee

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Music producer Will Vee at Producer Factory

Remix 2014 best top 10 Producer Factory charts

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Remix 2014 best top 10 selection