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August 2014

Ghost producers | What we think about such services in the industry

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Our opinion of ghost producers and what we think. A DJ is like every frontman there is in any industry. Front men are the entertainers and the brands of the enterprises. Front men such as DJs should focus on entertaining the fans, being in he right places and making money effectively and efficiently. Every industry is business and why should a business be run on a lower level of potential success? When being a DJ you must focus on multiple factors.

1. Get bookings and performances.

2. Create marketing campaigns.

3. Distribute the music whether it be ghost produced or not under your DJ name.

4. Look after your social presence

5. Bring out music or ghost productions to uphold relevance

6. Build infrastructure such as studios, partners and find employers or distributors.

Music production companies | Ghost producing services

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Music production company Producer Factory is the home of more than 60 ghost producers. Only the best from the selection of applicants manage to become a part of this music production website. We're proud to present Producer Factory to any customer who wishes to benefit from owning impressive and top quality ghost producing services. There are enough music production companies out there choose from, but the dedication we provide to our customer service and the wide range of styles we can achieve are phenomenal.

We pride ourselves in our music production company and selection of music productions. Though not every music track in our store is suited for each customer, we happily can ensure that your music production request will be fulfilled to it's best potential. We has had great successes and our regular clients are thriving off our service whilst they focus on new ideas, marketing and entertaining their fans. Producer Factory has managed to achieve excellent results. Bringing customers into large Record Labels and brands, it's been a large success.

Stars use music production companies or ghost producers regularly

I cant believe that all the big stars make their own music. A lot of them must work together with ghost producers. They travel a lot and hardly have time to produce music in a studio. Labels also want the stars to make money and this is why it makes no business sense having their money maker sat in a studio.

A DJ is an alias, a front man and not always a music production genius and even if he or she were, again it would make no sense having them sit in a studio for extended periods of time when they could be performing. Any stage act has a team working for them and hence I think personally that ghost producing is really normal and always has been in one way or another.

We're happy to open these doors for everyone. Usually this practice is kept behind closed doors, but here you can buy your own track from a ghost producer, so I think a lot of big names work with music producers together to make new hits we see in the charts today.

Music producer for hire | Quality matters when releasing

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We at Producer Factory have music producers for hire. Our speciality is we sell pre-made tracks ready to be purchased and used by you right out of our store called Ghost Productions. Any of our expert music ghost producers would be happy to assist you with your request. Compatible with many styles, we have over 50 music producers at your fingertips. Let's not forget our top quality customer service to make your whole experience at Producer Factory a pleasant one.

Dealing with known names of the industry, our aim is to ensure security of your DJ name and anonymity is our strength. All customers feel safe and are more than satisfied with our music producers in every genre. Hire whoever you wish and help us make your request a success. All music producers we have for hire as Ghost Producers in every genre will await your request today.

EDM ghost producer | Why you need the best

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Ghost producers in EDM are important to help boost your DJ career. Why you may ask? Well having a top quality ghost producer working for you will give you the opportunity to promote your alias to it's fullest. Releases are a very important way to keep your name and DJ alias relevant. Staying strong within the industry is one major factor to holding onto your fans and hence having a potential increase in sales on platforms such as Beatport to achieve your target of reaching the charts.

Our EDM ghost producers are not only handpicked for quality, but also for motivation, flexibility and skill in understanding a customer request. We have had many successful releases with our ghost productions and this has reflected greatly on the return rate of our clients. We're proud to have been able to collect such a wonderful and skilled group of music producers who now work as ghost producers in the electronic music genres. The level of quality that our customers benefit from is unmatched and the detail makes the tracks a hit.

Music producer for hire | Find the right one for your production needs

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Music producers for hire who can help you with your EDM music productions are hard to come by. Finding the right music producer for your style and genre is no easy task. Producer Factory has taken great effort to cover their genre specific music producers with very flexible and diverse music professionals. Only seeking to employ the best music producers to assist our customers has paid off for the long run.

With a a high return rate, Producer Factory customers seem to be very pleased with their music productions created by hired professionals. A customer who even specifically was looking for a progressive music production in the style of Melbourne bounce hit gold with the music producer Beachslap and his skills. To his surprise, the producer Beachslap managed to achieve the customers full satisfaction and got him onto a large and well known Record Label we won't mention.

Ghost producers for you | Producer Factory

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Ghost producers are needed by many DJs to keep up the pace of their releases. Ghost producers have helped artists throughout many music genres to keep their fans happy with top quality releases. Producer Factory is proud to have such a strong ghost producer community. Ghost producers such as Naban, Chris G, Beachslap, Will Vee, Luke Max have really helped many DJs keep up with the pace of the industry.

Upload your mp3 music to sell | Make money with your tracks

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Upload your mp3 beats and music online to sell through distribution platforms to boost sales. This can be a tiresome procedure. As a music producer, you want to make money quickly from your work put in. Nowadays it's getting more difficult for make your efforts paid.

Uploading your mp3 to a strong distribution platform such as Beatport is was close to impossible. First you needed a Record Label and that label the correct distribution DJ agency to get your music tracks placed strongly on an online mp3 download website.

Buying music samples | How you can save money

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Buying music samples will be soon made easier. Our planned system for all music producers and even video movie producers will be pleasantly surprised. A complex filtering system to achieve the goal of finding the exact sound category you need within five clicks will be put in place. Where you may ask? In our new music sample Webshop to be added to the Producer Factory concept.