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May 2014

Ghost production website | Producer Factory history

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“Being a DJ duo ourselves for over 10 years, we have learnt how hard the music industry can be just to make ends meet. Trying to do everything ourselves quickly conveyed to us how we’re getting swamped by other Acts and never really understanding how they were doing it."

Advantages of ghost music production teamwork

We ourselves had one large tool to our disposal later down the line and that was teamwork. Whilst one worked on music productions, the other focused on marketing and getting bookings. This works OK and since using this we have done quite well for some extra cash, but to turn this hobby into full-time work was not looking likely. We knew something was still missing.

Ghost producer benefits with Producer Factory by Beachslap

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"When I first met Producer Factory, I wasn't really sure of what I would find, and honestly I wouldn't imagine myself ghost producing. My first move was sending Producer Factory four, maybe five tracks that I didn't release. When these tracks were uploaded to the website I didn't put high hopes about the hypothesis of them being sold right away, but what amazingly happened was that three of them were sold in the first hours.

Why use our ghost production service?

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1. We always will do our absolute best to achieve your request, or your money back. Our Ghost Producers are motivated and hand-picked to ensure we never miss your target track using our custom ghost production service.

2. We always take our time to really analyse your request before providing you with a final quote.

3. Only if we are satisfied enough that we can help you get the high quality music track you’re looking for will we initiate the project.

Become a part of and benefit from the fastest growing ghost production site in the world. Thousands of customers have taken the step and if you want something done right, then please contact us today.

EDM ghost producing, is it bad practice?

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EDM ghost producing in the industry is as normal as toast for breakfast. Anyone who thinks EDM ghost producing isn't the norm is walking with their eyes closed. How else do the best acts manage to be on tour and bring out new music, market their alias, organise bookings, manage social media feeds and much more. Record Labels want artists to make money and not sit in a studio when their skills are to entertain. Ignorance is bliss, but the facts are fair.

New EDM ghost producing service video on Producer Factory

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Hello Readers,

Producer Factory has recently released a new video about its EDM ghost producing services. Hope you enjoy it and please don't forget to rate it.

The video consists of info about how our EDM ghost producing services work. It begins displaying how to use our tracks in the store, for example that you can buy a music track and sell it anywhere under your name. Build up your music portfolio and boost your release rate to entertain your fans. Our ghost productions within the EDM scene are top quality and any request you may have, our ghost producers will be happy to assist.

New Ghost Producer profile pages coming soon...

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Producer Factory is proud to announce that a new ghost producer profile view section will be appearing soon. Here you will be able to listen to all tracks by a specific producer, read about how they came to ghost produce music and how they can help you. Collect an understanding about all the genres each ghost producer has their strengths in and have an easy way to identify which ghost music producer will suit your needs best.

Ghost production blog new on Producer Factory

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Ghost production blog